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ADDICT x Marvel Comics x SHIBUYA – Artist Co-Lab Series

As part of the UK brand’s Artist Co-Lab Series, ADDICT taps Japanese artist Tadaomi Shibuya to produce a three-piece collection featuring classic characters from the Marvel Comics universe. The goods take the form of crewneck tees emblazoned with images of Daredevil, Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom, with each … READ MORE

Lafayette x STASH x Marvel Comics - Spider-Man T-Shirts 01

Lafayette x STASH x Marvel Comics – Spider-Man T-Shirts

Following up their collaboration collection with STASH, Lafayette has unveiled another surprise project, involving a popular Marvel character. The triple brand t-shirt consists of the famed graffiti writer reworking the body of Spider-Man, replacing the blue suit with his signature blue camouflage pattern. They have prepared two … READ MORE


Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Official Trailer 2 | Video

Last night during the Super Bowl, viewers got a first look at the second official trailer from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While the first trailer dealt with Cap’s unease in his role as a full-fledged agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., the new clip puts the focus on the titular villain, … READ MORE

Marvel x MEDICOM TOY - Cyclops Deadpool BEARBRICK 100 400 00

Marvel x MEDICOM TOY – Cyclops + Deadpool BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

If you have been looking to increase your BE@RBRICK collection, here is your chance to add two new figures for 100% and 400% sizes. MEDICOM TOY teamed up with Marvel once again, but unlikely characters were chosen for these latest toys. Neither Cyclops or Deadpool are major … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration Preview | Video

While there were no tongue wagging or twerking from Miley Cyrus, revelers at New York City’s Times Square were still treated to a “surprise gift” in the midst of their New Year’s Eve celebration. With a brief introduction from creator and executive producer Stan Lee, Columbia Pictures … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Official Trailer | Video

Back in 2012, Sony Pictures Entertainment and its Columbia Pictures subsidiary made a gamble on re-telling the Spider-Man saga. Even with the then unknown Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and director Marc Webb at the helm, the studio’s initial $230 million investment blossomed to $752 million in … READ MORE

Burton x Marvel - Youth Outerwear Collaboration Collection 01

Burton x Marvel – Youth Outerwear Collaboration Collection

Avengers fans will be happy to know that Burton and Marvel have gotten together to drop this special snowboard jacket and pant this month. Unfortunately, though, this outerwear is geared mainly towards youth boys, so if you have a son, you might want to consider this for … READ MORE


Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Official Trailer | Video

Who turns down a date with the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson using the lame “too busy” excuse? Apparently actor Chris Evans, or more accurately his character Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Two years after the events that took place in The Avengers, Rogers is adjusting to modern life … READ MORE


Marvel x MEDICOM TOY – Venom BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

MEDICOM TOY is mining the voluminous Marvel universe for its latest spate of BE@RBRICK figures. We’ve already seen 100% and 400% versions of an iconic Marvel antihero in the guise of the uncanny X-Men’s Wolverine, and now we get a look at a full-fledged Marvel villain in … READ MORE

Marvel MEDICOM TOY Wolverine BEARBRICK 100 400 00

Marvel x MEDICOM TOY – Wolverine BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

As fierce and masculine as the Wolverine character is in the Marvel catalog, his aggressiveness is lost in translation when he is transformed into a MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK. Ironically, these Wolverine BE@RBRICK figures would surely make the most dedicated Wolverine fans out there chuckle, and for a … READ MORE

Marvel x ADDICT - Artist Series 1 Vol 2 03

Marvel x ADDICT – Artist Series 1 | Vol. 2

Here comes the second installment of the Artist Series from UK-based streetwear brand ADDICT and American comic giant Marvel. If your favorite character was not portrayed in the first volume, perhaps they might be included this time around. Gracing the t-shirts in this collection are Spider-Man, Wolverine, … READ MORE