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MASERATI Quattroporte Tuned | By CDC Performance

It is interesting to see that German tuning house http://cdc-international.com/”>CDC International chose the http://maserati.com”>Maserati, over German luxury brands, to launch their subsidiary line, http://cdc-performance.com”>CDC Performance. Whatever the reason may be, the result is a stunning upgrade for the Quattroporte four-door sports car. The complete package improves all … READ MORE


Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati

As the name suggested, this converted http://fiat” target=”_blank”>Fiat 500C is a tribute edition honoring the great Italian automaker http://maserati.com” target=”_blank”>Maserati. Nearly identical to the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari, the Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati is quipped with a 1.4 Turbo T-Jet 16-valve engine capable of 180 horsepower. Taming … READ MORE


MASERATI GranTurismo Sport

Replacing the GranTurismo S, http://maserati.com/” target=”_blank”>Maserati is set to unveil its new GranTurismo Sport. Featuring a stylish curvilinear form, the vehicle sports larger air apertures on either side of the front grille for better airflow to the engine and brakes, as well as new LED headlamps and … READ MORE


MASERATI GranTurismo S Limited Edition

Unless you’re one of the lucky 12 able to pick up one of these cars limited to the Italian market, this is going to be the closest look you get at the new http://maserati.com” target=”_blank”>MASERATI GranTurismo S Limited Edition. Built to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Italian … READ MORE


MASERATI GranTurismo S Limited Edition | “Celebrating 150 Years of Modern Italy”

It has been 150 years since the Italian Unification, and Italian automaker http://maserati.com/”>MASERATI has designed a special gift to commemorate the occasion. To celebrate this anniversary, http://freshnessmag.com/tag/maserati/”>MASERATI will be launching the GranTurismo S Limited Edition at the Bologna Motor Show. Unfortunately, there will only be 12 units … READ MORE


MASERATI Kubang Concept

http://maserati.com/” target=”_blank”>MASERATI has unveiled its SUV concept, the Kubang, at the http://iaa.de/en/” target=”_blank”>Frankfurt Motor Show. Interestingly, this is the Italian luxury automaker’s second SUV concept — the first edition, also called the Kubang, was shown in Detroit back in 2003. Fast forward eight years, MASERATI is now … READ MORE


Fendi x MASERATI GranCabrio

What have http://freshnessmag.com/2011/08/17/gucci-x-fiat-500-to-debut-at-ny-fashion-week/” target=”_blank”>Gucci and Fiat wrought? Fast on the heels of that collaboration is yet another partnership between an Italian automaker and luxury fashion house: this time around, http://maserati.com/” target=”_blank”>MASERATI is teaming up with fellow countrymen http://fendi.com/” target=”_blank”>Fendi. The result, the GranCabrio Fendi, is a limited edition … READ MORE


Montante x MASERATI – Limited Edition Montante Maserati 8CTF Cycles

Not everyone can own a four-wheeled http://maserati.com”>MASERATI, but for those who are looking to splurge a little on speed, Italian bike maker, http://montantecicli.it/modelli.asp?type=1&art=43″>Montante, had decided to bring those who vie for a MASERATI something a little more accessible and affordable, with the Montante Maserati 8CTF bicycle. The limited … READ MORE



Everyone wants a http://maserati.com”>MASERATI not just because all our favorite guys from Entourage roll around in them. The only downside to that car is, they could never fit all four of them in E’s MASERATI. Now, the car maker is out with its first four seater convertible, … READ MORE