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MASH SF x Project Space – Revisit MASH Tour of California

Trekking through the California landscape on two wheels for a course of nine days and 700 miles may not be Tour de France, but it is no longer just a test of endurance either. The premier stage race on the stateside, Tour of California, is more of … READ MORE


MASH SF – Holiday 2009 Tees

With the holidays right on us, one quick drop just in time for the festivities is MASH SF’s release of their Holiday 2009 tees. The quintessential fixed gear bike crew of San Francisco, MASH SF, didn’t just shoot for simple graphic tees for the holiday, but injected … READ MORE


MASH SF – Preview: Tour Of Calfornia 2009 Video

A preview of what’s to come from the folks of MASH SF, aside from the recently announced collaborative track bike with maker Cinelli and graphic artist Benny Gold, MASH SF also took some time to explore the wonders of California. 6 riders took 9 days to crisscrossed 750 miles through their home state, and in the process, documented their exploits… READ MORE


MASH SF x Cinelli – Track Bike Frame By Benny Gold

Bicycle enthusiasts first caught a glimpse of it at last year’s Interbike trade show.  Now, bike maker Cinelli made it official as it announce the launch of MASH SF x Cinelli Track Bike.  Crested with classic Cinelli logo up front with graphics by Benny Gold, the custom … READ MORE

MASH SF x Lance Armstrong – Austin Ride

Recently published on YouTube, the riders of MASH SF documented their visit to the city of Austin and sharing a tour with the city’s most famous citizen, Lance Armstrong.  Check out the adrenaline pumping clip as the crew navigate through the fast moving Austin turnpikes, sometimes with … READ MORE

MASH Premiere – Japan Tour

LOWTEX Presents: MASH Premiere Japan Tour San Francisco-based fixed gear bike crew, MASH, will be touring Japan next month for the premiere of their documentary film. Following the successful showing in San Francisco this pasted June, and the recent release in NYC & LA. The Japan screenings … READ MORE


MASH The Movie – Pre-Order DVD

Can’t get enough of MASH or simply wants to know what all the talks are about? Now you can pre-order the dvd at MASH SF online store. The dvd features the film, 1 hour of extra footage and 120 page book about the entire project. All orders … READ MORE


MASH SF – A Freshness Feature

They’ve been back and forth across the streets of your city at speeds buses and bugged-out taxis might envy. They’ve got no brakes, none save the heels of their shoes or that unavoidable obstacle which abruptly met with the front tire. Fixed gear riders know nothing beyond … READ MORE


Freshness Feature – MASH SF Rider: James Newman

Interviewed by Tom Bradley Photos by MASH SF Produced by retrogurl It is described as an aesthetic choice to ride without brake-lines but there’s more there, there has to be a deeper logic to the insanity of voracious pedaling without even the concept of stopping short should … READ MORE