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master-piece x Panasonic - HX-A50 Wearable Camera 01

master-piece x Panasonic – HX-A500 Wearable Camera

http://master-piece.co.jp”>master-piece and http://ec-club.panasonic.jp/mall/sense/open/product/master-piece2/”>Panasonic are teaming up again to unveil the second version of their wearable camera project. Their initial release last year saw a http://freshnessmag.com/2013/07/02/master-piece-mspc-x-panasonic-webcam-backpack/”>Webcam Backpack that integrated a digital camera mounted on the shoulder straps. However, this year’s improved HX-500 digital camera comes attached to a … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) 20th Anniversary Collection | Video

To help celebrate their 20th Anniversary dominating the gear game, master-piece is set to release an all-black collection that showcases the best of their brand. Made up of six different pieces, including the No.03455-20th, No.03454-20th and the No.03465-20th (a backpack, slim backpack, and a waist bag) as well as … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe x Master-Piece (MSPC) Backpack & Accessories Collection

After showcasing their http://freshnessmag.com/2014/03/31/stussy-deluxe-camo-patchwork-varsity-jacket/” target=”_blank”>Camo Patchwork Varsity Jacket yesterday, Stussy Deluxe now turns back to their on-going partnership with Japanese luggage brand http://master-piece.co.jp/” target=”_blank”>Master-Piece for a Backpack and Accessory Collection for Spring/Summer 2014. The season’s offerings include a backpack, duffle bag, wallet, camera and gear pouches, and … READ MORE

master-piece x nowartt x oki-ni - Spring Summer 2014 Collection 15

Master-Piece (MSPC) x nowartt x oki-ni – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

In an ideal collaboration project, the parties involved specialize in a particular task that brings different skill-sets to the table. This triple brand project does just that, combining the bag making skills of http://master-piece.co.jp/”>master-piece, graphic design talent of http://nowartt.com/”>nowartt, and retailing expertise of http://oki-ni.com”>oki-ni. The former two … READ MORE

master-piece x Kosuke Kawamura - Bag Collection 02

Master-Piece (MSPC) x Kosuke Kawamura – Bag Collection

Japanese collage artist, http://studiozaide.com”>Kosuke Kawamura, meticulously creates his artwork by hand, cutting and gluing every part to compose a final piece. Osaka-based bag company, http://master-piece.co.jp”>master-piece, collaborated with Kawamura on a range of bags this season. The original artwork of this graphic is an illustration inspired by an … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) x MEDICOM TOY – BE@RBRICK Bag Collection

Buy a bag, get a toy. http://master-piece.co.jp/”>Master-Piece and http://medicomtoy.co.jp/”>Medicom Toy have collaborated to create a capsule collection of camouflage print bags made of high density Cordura nylon canvas. This Autumn Winter 2013 series includes three models (a backpack, a mountain pack, and a Boston messenger bag) that … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) x Beams – Day Pack

The last partnership between http://master-piece.co.jp/” target=”_blank”>Master-Piece (MSPC) and http://beams.co.jp/” target=”_blank”>Beams, which http://freshnessmag.com/2012/03/16/master-piece-mspc-x-beams-sail-back-pack/” target=”_blank”>we previewed here, picked up a decidedly nautical theme, even going as far as to integrate http://sunbrella.com/” target=”_blank”>Sunbrella materials into the exterior of the Sail Backpack. Now the two return for 2013 with a new … READ MORE

Master-Piece MSPC Stussy Deluxe Fall Winter 2013 Bag Collection 01

Stussy Deluxe x Master-Piece (MSPC) – Fall/Winter 2013 Bag Collection

Since their first partnership many years ago, http://stussy.com/”>Stussy Deluxe and http://master-piece.co.jp/”>Master-Piece are back again for their sixth installment this Fall/Winter 2013 season. Renowned for their quality and function, this Osaka-based company has produced four items this time around. Stussy Deluxe decided to create the bags in corduroy … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

The crispness of autumnal air has been known to invoke a bit of self-reflection and a keenness for outdoor adventure that is often times remiss from our urban lifestyle. Fortunately the http://master-piece.co.jp/1314aw/”>Master-Piece – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook encourages a formative relationship with nature with its fur-trimmed coats, thick, wooly … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) x NW4 – Bag Collection

A standout selection from the first delivery of http://master-piece.co.jp/” target=”_blank”>master-piece’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection continues a collaboration with fellow Japanese textile specialist http://nowartt.com/” target=”_blank”>Nowartt. Comprising a backpack and tote constructed from durable canvas and vegetable tanned leather straps, each piece features a Nowartt all-over print depicting a serene, … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) x Panasonic – Webcam Backpack

Webcams and actioncams are nothing new in today’s technologically driven society; however, it is only relatively recently that these kinds of technology are being incorporated into fashion. http://master-piece.co.jp/”>master-piece (MSPC) and http://panasonic.com/us/home/”>Panasonic worked together to bring us this Webcam Backpack, capitalizing on the strength of each company. master-piece … READ MORE