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Master-Piece (MSPC) x MONKEY TIME – Silver Studs Accessories Collection

Introducing the Silver Studs Accessories, a collection that was quite literally an experiment for Japanese accessories designer Master-Piece (not to be confused with apparel brand MASTERPIECE) and MONKEY TIME, the in-house label from retailer UNITED ARROWS.   Comprised of 3 styles – tote, messenger bag, and back … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) | Available Now

While many labels rally and attempt to live up to the standards of design meets uncompromising quality, few are actually able to achieve those golden standards and convince people that their items are worthy of that plastic swipe. Japan’s urban-styled bag maker, Master-Piece (MSPC) is one of … READ MORE


Master-Piece (MSPC) – 02DERIV Collection – Ink Jet Print Messenger Bag

Fabric with a “density” measurement of 420-denier has many desirable traits, including durability and waterproof-ness. Its also a paradox for most manufacturers since the lack of permeability equal to the inability to dye the fabric. READ MORE

PLYformeworkS x master-piece - SWT Boston Bag

PLYformeworkS x Master-Piece (MSPC) – SWT Boston Bag

Designed with Japanese label PLYformeworkS‘ specification in mind, the new SWT Boston Bag by accessories maker master-piece features a dual layer construction.   While the exterior layer is composed of soft cotton jersey fabric, hence the initials “SWT” for sweatshirt. A inner layer of cotton canvas give … READ MORE