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Stussy x mastermind JAPAN – Camo No.4 T-Shirt

Even after we had reported a few days ago about the release of the Stussy x mastermind JAPAN collection, the international brands already have another surprise up their sleeves. mastermaind JAPAN has redesigned the classic No.4 t-shirt from Stussy, adding a few personal touches to the graphic. … READ MORE


Stussy x mastermind JAPAN – Delivery 1 | Available Now

While Stussy is certainly no stranger to collaborations either, this one with mastermind JAPAN is quite unique. But it is more than the collaboration itself. Instead, you will find a well coordinated plan of design and marketing by creative director Masaaki Homma, which in turn makes mastermind … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x Hide-Chan Ramen – Pop-Up Restaurant | Tokyo

As mastermind JAPAN is getting ready to wrap up its operations, the company will be treating us with one last pop-up restaurant in Tokyo. Slated as “MASTERMIND RAMEN”, the high-profile brand will once again collaborate with Hide-Chan Ramen, a popular ramen franchise in Japan. The two companies … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x MEDICOM TOY – BE@RBRICK 100%, 400% + 1000%

If you weren’t already tipped off by the bold print graphic T-shirt we previewed earlier today to mark the closing collaboration between mastermind JAPAN and OriginalFake, here’s what the duo came up with for the iconic BE@RBRICK shape. As a way to say farewell to their fans, Special Product … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x OriginalFake – Collaboration T-Shirt

In a surprising coincidence, mastermind JAPAN and OriginalFake have collaborated with each other in their last collection before closing their respective brands. The bold print graphic of this t-shirt looks somewhat somber, as to say their last farewell together. Special Product Design curated this project, and these … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x Stussy – World Tribe “Shadow Skull” T-Shirt | EYESCREAM Exclusive

Among the numerous products from the mastermind JAPAN and Stussy collaboration, there was this, the mastermind JAPAN x Stussy – World Tribe “Shadow Skull” T-Shirt. Instead of the usual course of superimposing the Stussy World Tribe graphic onto the mastermind JAPAN’s skull and crossbones logo, the collaborators … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x WHIZ Limited LUMP Tokyo 10th Anniversary Varsity Jacket

Though a relative late-comer to the bustling fashion scene of Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood, WHIZ Limited‘s LUMP Tokyo storefront quickly established itself among labels such as NEIGHBORHOOD, BAPE, Final Home, and others. This is largely thanks to its WHIZ Limited’s creative director Hiroaki Shitano, who successfully fused different … READ MORE


Stussy x mastermind JAPAN – Collaboration Collection

Bringing the brand to a close after 15 years of successful operation, mastermind JAPAN surprises us with a collection of goods designed in conjunction with Stussy. To keep its authenticity, mastermind JAPAN worked alongside the Stussy design team in the US. The graphics fuse both brands’ strong … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x Alpha Industries – M-51 Jacket

This is the second installment of collaboration with Alpha Industries and mastermind JAPAN, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of their mastermind VILLA online shop. Unlike the previous N-3B jacket, this M-51 jacket is decorated with original patches and embroideries on key locations of the garment. Again, two versions … READ MORE