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MB&F – HM6 “Space Pirate” Watch

MB&F‘s newest watch has an appearance that seemingly stretches the boundaries of what one could even call a watch. Inspired by the Captain Future animated series from the 1970s, the HM6 Space Pirate has a case made from two blocks of milled titanium, requiring about 100 hours of polishing … READ MORE


MB&F HM5 CarbonMacrolon Watch

Shoes get worn. Cars depreciate as soon as you sign the dotted line. But a good watch – now that is a statement of who you are as a man. If the message that you want to send is that you are entirely different than everyone else … READ MORE


C3H5N3O9 Experiment ZR012 Watch In Black Zirconium

While you may need a degree in chemistry to translate the name of this collaborative project between Urwerk and MB&F, all you need is a set of eyes to see that what these two can make together is a creative force like no other. C3H5N3O9 was created … READ MORE