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Specialized S-Works + McLaren Venge

Development took 4 years, including 21 visits to the wind tunnel, all to create the lightest, fastest UCI-approve performance bike. From the specification alone, it is easy to see the Specialized Venge as a Frankstein’s Monster. A merging of otherwise 2 improbable combinations – aerodynamic agility, which … READ MORE

mclaren mp412c summary

McLaren MP4-12C – Official Performance Data | Video

We’ve covered the McLaren MP4-12C; now McLaren Automotive TV has released an official performance test video – and it’s a great vicarious watch. The video primarily highlights the on-track experience of the MP4-12C, showing both the mechanical and driver-interface features in action – the air brake wing … READ MORE

mclaren mp4-12c summary

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren Automotive built it’s off-track reputation primarily on the iconic McLaren F1 (1993-1998), and later, with the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2003-2009). Another pure McLaren, one combining the company’s F1 racing heritage and it’s tunnel-vision focus on materials and engineering, had been rumored for several years – and … READ MORE