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Black Scale x adidas Originals | Teaser

What was a chance discussion between http://hufworldwide.com” target=”_blank”>HUF’s Keith Hufnagel and Mega, then an employee at the brand, led to what we now know as Black Scale. Harks back to the early day of streetwear culture, http://black-scale.com” target=”_blank”>Black Scale’s designs are decidedly subversive and tempered with hints … READ MORE


The Butcher’s Block – Mega of Black Scale | Video

Evolution of an independent label into an international brand is a phenomenal aspect of our streetwear industry. Frank the Butcher interviews his long time friend, Mega from http://black-scale.com”>Black Scale, as the 2013 premiere episode of http://butchersblocktv.com”>The Butcher’s Block. The pair delves into the development and growth of … READ MORE


CARBON 2012 – Contemporary Design, Style & Culture Forum | Melbourne

In the Southern Hemisphere, there are not as many creative events and forums organized as compared to the Northern Hemisphere. http://weareallcarbon.com”>CARBON is changing the whole mentality by bringing in world class creatives and designers Down Under for a 2 day forum. The event will take place in … READ MORE