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The Avant/Garde Diaries – MGMT Upcoming Album Preview

After more than 2-and-a-half years of work, on Tuesday, September 17, 2013, MGMT will release their third album self-titled MGMT. Two singles from the forthcoming album were released as a cassette tape special for Record Store Day (April 20) containing the studio cut of “Alien Days”, and … READ MORE


MGMT – “Congratulations” | Official Video

Consider the Brooklyn electronic duo, MGMT, as a group with a penchant for irreverence and a disdain for the norm. First they dissed the rock star lifestyle by masking their sneers behind an acid happy tune and mocking lyrics, then, for their latest album, “Congratulations”, the duo … READ MORE


MGMT – “It’s Working” | Official Video

Celebrated Brooklyn duo who is determined to bring us a curious sense of irony (they mocked the rock-star lifestyle quite ruthlessly with a healthy manipulation of verbal irony in “Time To Pretend”) and doused it in an acidic electro-pop beat that easily draws their listeners into a … READ MORE


MGMT – Congratulations | Pre-Order Available Now

Congratulations to MGMT, with all puns intended. The Brooklyn duo who happily mocked the rock-star lifestyle for us in an entrapping electronic psychedelic pop beat in “Time To Pretend” have released tracks on their latest album, Congratulations, for all to listen on their site. This move stemmed … READ MORE