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U.SSKB x Dr. Romanelli – Vintage Pea Coat Collection

Based out of Los Angeles, U.SSKB debuted its inaugural collection last August, working with Mark McNairy on an exclusive footwear collection. For 2013, the nascent label joins up with Dr. Romanelli on a series of six vintage pea coats from the 1940s. Each one-of-a-kind jacket is refashioned … READ MORE


U.SSKB – A New Brand by KB Lee + Michael Sherman

Although U.SSKB just arrived on the scene this month, this mens design collective is already catching the eye of footwear enthusiasts with their debut line built with the help of a man you may have heard of before, Mark McNairy. U.SSKB is essentially a side project for UNDEFEATED designer KB … READ MORE