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Microsoft – 2011 Productivity Future Vision

A new video from Microsoft Office Labs, an in-house think tank, paints a portrait of the not-so-distant future in which technology enables us to become more productive. And though the central conceit of the clip is that the gadgets of the future will help us to make … READ MORE


Nokia Lumia 800 – Windows Phone | Officially Announced

Anyone working at Nokia will tell you that they misinterpreted the advent of smartphones and their popularity. They will also tell you they are doing something about it. After numerous leaks, intentional and unintentional, that “something” is finally here. Headlined at today’s Nokia World, the mobile device … READ MORE


Kooberz Studios – “Bricks of War” LEGO Animation | LEGO Meets Gears of War 3

Grease up the chainsaw bayonet on your Lancer Assault Rifle, we are going on a Locust hunt! The latest from animator Alex Kobbs is Bricks of War, the life and death epic of Gears of War 3, played out on the set of LEGO miniatures. With some … READ MORE


Star Wars x Xbox 360 – Kinect Limited Edition Bundle | In The Likeness Of R2-D2 & C-3PO

To coincide with the new Kinect Star Wars, Microsoft and its Xbox division unveiled a limited edition bundle today at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Star Wars x Xbox 360 Kinect Limited Edition Bundle will include a Star Wars-themed Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures game, and a … READ MORE


Windows Phone Me Series – Shipley and Halmos – Behind the Scenes | Video

Windows Phone has created the Me series — a collection of short video essays that offer a glimpse into the creative process of innovators at work, and how they use their Windows Phones. The latest installment features fashion designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos, formerly of Trovata … READ MORE


Decode Jay-Z with Bing | Detailed Look

A year later, it is still the most talked about advertising campaign for search engine Bing though little details are known at the time. With the brain behind the campaign, creative agency Droga5, taking home 4 Titanium Lions at last month’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, … READ MORE


Windows Phone 7 – A look into the new OS

Many years ago (2000) I was one of the early adopters who brought in to the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC, which also included the introduction of Pocket PC 2000. The OS eventually evolved into Windows Mobile 2003, followed by Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and earlier … READ MORE


Microsoft Open House – Windows Phone 7 Event Recap

On Monday morning Microsoft officially announced their reentry into the smartphone business with a new mobile operating system called Windows Phone 7. In the evening they hosted the Microsoft Open House featuring many of Microsoft’s products which are also components in Windows Phone 7. The products include … READ MORE


HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 From T-Mobile

Yesterday, Microsoft officially unveiled their new smartphone operating system called Windows Phone 7 and with it came a number of hardware announcements as well. HTC announced five smartphones which should appeal to most customers interested in a new phone, one of them is the above HTC HD7. … READ MORE


Windows Phone 7: Ending Bad Phone Behavior With Better Phone Design

With the launch of the new Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft is also launching a funny campaign that pokes fun at the worlds addition to smartphones. While staged, these awkward situations can also be very real due to one’s smartphone usage. The new Windows Phone 7 will … READ MORE


Halo: Reach Raked In $200 Million Dollars Over 24 Hours Period

Apart from a week-long celebration of all that is design and fashion during the New York Fashion Week, it was also a time of elation for game fans in the U.S. as the much anticipated Halo: Reach released this past Tuesday, September 14th. The prequel to the … READ MORE