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Freshness Week In Review – 4/12/2010 – 4/16/2010

In New York City, the April weather is always volatile. This week marks a dip back into the cold, but things are still happening around the world. For instance, people are still stealing street art (Banksy’s piece in Los Angeles have been removed) and Coachella is still … READ MORE


Microsoft unveils KIN – A High Concept Social Phone

Microsoft KIN ONE with packaging For those of you following our Freshness LiveBlog, you probably already saw a few teaser photos from the presentation we attended on Monday night. At the presentation Microsoft unveiled a new high concept social phone for the ‘sharing’ generation called the Microsoft … READ MORE


Xbox 360 – Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) Edition

So the events led up to securing the console had the makings of a spy novel: a simple email with clandestine instructions, a meeting on the 13th floor within the Grand Lodge of the Free Masons, a darken conference room full of electronic gadgetries. Then, the trip … READ MORE


Zune Takeover 2 – Zune x GOODS

Following the release of 2 new models of the portable digital player, along with a collection of services and upgrades, plus the customizable Zune Originals, Zune just created a special collaborative series/project known as Zune Takeover 2. In each installment, Zune will collaborate with a boutique known … READ MORE

Freshness Feature: FUSED – Part 2

Written & Photos by Poe Produced by Poe To mark the 10th anniversary of GQ Magazine – Taiwan Edition, it and its sister publication Vogue Taiwan, hosted a memorable party last Friday, October 15th. The red carpeted gala took place at the roof top garden of Eslite … READ MORE

Freshness Feature: FUSED – Part 1

Written & Photos by Poe Produced by Poe In 1996, Conde Nast, the parent company of GQ, launched the first issue of GQ Taiwan, simply as a source of information on men’s fashion, on both international and domestic front. Since then, the magazine became a must have … READ MORE

GQ Taiwan x Microsoft x Freshness – FUSED

GQ Taiwan x Microsoft x Freshness Present: FUSED In celebration of GQ Magazine – Taiwan Edition‘s 10th anniversary, Freshness, the premiere urban, sub-culture media outlet, working in conjunction with Microsoft, world’s leading software and innovation corporation, created a showcase of unique visions between technology and sub-culture artistic … READ MORE


adidas Blue LE 2006 FIFA World Cup Xbox 360

Here’s a closer look at the actual Blue Limited Edition 2006 FIFA World Cup Xbox 360 showcased at the adidas Performance Store. > nitro:licious: adidas 2006 FIFA World Cup Xbox 360