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PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO MY-57 - Fall 2014 06

PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro MY-57 – Fall 2014

Japanese designer Yasuhiro Mihara has been pushing the boundaries of experimental footwear for sometime with PUMA. Their range is always full of surprises, and one of the staple designs from the line is the split shoe design, where they marry two completely different styles into one sneaker. … READ MORE

PUMA Select - Fall Winter 2014 Collection Runway Show 00

PUMA Select – Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Runway Show

PUMA has proactively seeked collaboration with designers, whether it is with Alexander McQueen, Miharayasuhiro, BWGH, or Sophia Chang, diversifying their catalog. PUMA Select launched their Fall/Winter 2014 collection with a runway show in Tokyo, editing styles from various collaborations into one comprehensive showcase. Although their apparel line … READ MORE

PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro MY-57 PAU BRASIL 00

PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro MY-57 Pau-Brasil

PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO will forever be pushing the boundaries between fashion and sportswear. These MY-57 Pau-Brasil kicks are limited edition from their Black Label line, which merges contrasting ideologies into one product. Its latest reincarnation is a simple, yet flamboyant sneaker that embodies Suede on the front … READ MORE

MIHARAYASUHIRO - Archive Collection Part 2

MIHARAYASUHIRO – Archive Collection Part 2

The Archive Collection from MIHARAYASUHIRO was intended to recreate their classic pieces for its fans. Giving an opportunity for customers to pick up pieces they missed initially, or to purchase a replacement piece that cannot be worn anymore. Either way, this second installment focuses on outerwear from … READ MORE


SneakersNStuff Presents: “PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro” | Video

Japanese fashion designer Yasuhiro Mihara has been working with PUMA for around 13 years already under the PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO line. Just in time for the launch of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, the team at SneakersNStuff hopped on a plane to Tokyo for an exclusive interview with … READ MORE



If you’re a subscriber to the philosophy that if you own nice things, you should take good care of them, then you should have MIHARAYASHUHIRO‘s Shoe Care Set in your arsenal. As essential in a gentleman’s wardrobe as the nice pair of shoes themselves, this set is an … READ MORE


Miharayasuhiro Marble Sole Boots

If you’ve been following Mirhara Yasuhrio, you know this designer knows how to reinvent footwear (case in point: the Puma MY-G1 Python), which has been a passion of his since 1994. But, even though his apparel line now draws the most attention to his name, the Python … READ MORE



While Mihara Yasuhiro made his bones in the world of footwear, developing his first line of shoes in 1994 while enrolled at Tama Art University, the designer is now a force to be reckoned with in the menswear firmament. His signature style emphasizes proportion and drape, highlighted … READ MORE