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MISSION WORKSHOP – Black Camo Series Limited Edition Messenger Bag

Meant for any scenarios, on any terrain, during daytime or night, the new messenger bag from MISSION WORKSHOP’s Black Camo Series features a weatherproof construction in durable Cordura. Customized specifically with MultiCam camouflage pattern on a black backdrop, along with matching black metal hardware, the limited carrying … READ MORE


MISSION WORKSHOP – Meridian Jacket

Whether if you’re a recreational rider, a daily commuter, or somewhere in between, you know that sometimes just a little change in your riding apparel can make a huge difference in how comfortable your ride is. A key piece of any rider’s commuting essentials therefore must include … READ MORE


MISSION WORKSHOP – Orion Limited Ultralight Waterproof Jacket

If you’re an avid cyclist, then you know not to trust Mother Nature. She can brighten your day with a sun-drenched morning, only to dampen it with an unexpected storm miles down the road. To avoid her every changing mood, San Franscisco’s MISSION WORKSHOP designed and made … READ MORE


MISSION WORKSHOP – Arkiv VX-21 R6 Field Pack

Made from 210 denier packcloth laminated with PET membrane and ripstop nylon layers, the VX-21 R6 Field Pack is MISSION WORKSHOP’s latest addition to its popular Arkiv Modular Systems. With an additional urethane coating along the interior, the San Francisco-based brand also added a wide range of … READ MORE


MISSION WORKSHOP – Rummy Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

If you missed out on the first release of MISSION WORKSHOP’s Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag, don’t hesitate again as it’s only back for a limited time only. As with last year’s release, this bag is constructed from American-made 10 oz. waxed canvas and demonstrates the full capacity of … READ MORE


MISSION WORKSHOP – Zurich Softshell Hoodie

Built for high activity but styled for everyday wear, the Zurich Softshell Hoodie by Mission Workshop is the lightweight jacket you’ll find yourself reaching for time and again. The construction combines a 4-way stretch nylon shell with a soft Merino wool lining, with the outer-shell layer featuring Swiss-made … READ MORE


MISSION WORKSHOP – Division Chino Pants

While other labels view their apparel from just a stylistic lens, MISSION WORKSHOP instead designs their products more like gear you can wear. Built with strict specifications and high attention to detail, you can bet your previous pair of trusty britches that this set of Division Chinos … READ MORE


MISSION WORKSHOP – VX Sanction Rucksacks

New for the AP Series from MISSION WORKSHOP is this range of VX Sanction rucksacks. Immediately, the red Arkiv closure buckles draw the eyes, highlighting the patent pending closure system. However, there are plain silver buckle versions available as well for those looking for a subtle accent … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP Presents Ted Lincoln Exhibition | San Francisco

As an advocate of arts and design, San Francisco-based high performance brand, MISSION WORKSHOP, is proud to present their latest artist exhibition in their retail space. Ted Lincoln is best known for his abstract work with sumi ink and rice paper, yet he has made completely new … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Monty Weatherproof Roll Top Messenger Bag

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from your childhood? Here’s one for you: You’re riding to your next gig and it starts to rain. Inside your pack is you new Macbook and some important work that you’ve been pulling your hair out about for countless hours. … READ MORE


“Bike Tour – Episode 1: John Prolly + MISSION WORKSHOP in Taipei” | Video

Contrary to common belief that most things are made in China these days, the cycling industry is actually firmly rooted in Taiwan. This means the Taipei International Cycling Show is one of the most important calendar events for Asia and the rest of the cycling world. Visitors … READ MORE