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San Francisco based label MISSIONWORKSHOP is finally unveiling bags equipped with their patent pending Arkiv System. The Field Pack we see here should be first of many, which to integrate the highly functional modular system. Weatherproof materials on the exterior of the bags make this item an … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Hardware Manufacturing | Video

In creating their latest Arkiv collection, MISSIONWORKSHOP needed to design special patent pending system and hardware for the bags. This video takes us behind the scenes into the metal workshop, where each part is manufactured meticulously and precisely. Monochromatic visual adds timelessness to the video and the … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Arkiv System Bags | Video

The Arkiv system is a specially designed, patent pending closure system developed by MISSIONWORKSHOP. Although this system has already appeared in small range of products before, they have announced that Spring 2012 collection will have its own Arkiv Modular Bag System line. This is exciting news as … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Orion Lightweight Jacket

When technical fabrics are developed in the Swiss Alps, it definitely means business and you can be sure MISSIONWORKSHOP is serious about delivering the best possible product to its customers. This Orion Lightweight Jacket shaves 20% weight off the original Orion jacket, yet it is heavy on … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP Eiger Waterproof Field Jacket

MISSIONWORKSHOP presents their take on the classic military field jacket, but with all the benefits of modern technology to keep you warm and dry. The Eiger field jacket is the first apparel release within Mission Workshop‘s Advanced Projects Series and is constructed from Swiss-made Schoeller c_change fabric, which … READ MORE

AP Series Fitzroy Rucksack-0

MISSIONWORKSHOP AP Series Fitzroy Rucksack

Touting a larger volume and even a larger name than the other MISSIONWORKSHOP bag launched in December, the Limited Edition Waxed Canvas Sanction Rucksack, this Advanced Projects Series Fitzroy Rucksack introduces a higher level of form and function. Using Arvik closures, YKK urethane-coated zippers and waterproof 1000 denier … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Limited Edition Waxed Canvas Sanction Rucksack

Started by the same guys who founded Chrome, San Francisco’s MISSIONWORKSHOP sets out to design and manufacture durable bags for the cyclist and everyday user who’s looking for gear that performs like a champ but still looks sharp. Enter the Sanction Rucksack, a handsomely styled bag with … READ MORE


DZR Midnight – SPD Compatible Sneaker

For serious cyclists, SPD is a must when riding, and this system allows for a direct connection between the feet and the drive train. However, most cycling footwear manufacturers tend to gear their design towards full race kits that may look out of place once the cyclist … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Waxed Canvas Roll Top Messenger Bag

Unlike conventional messenger bags that uses tarpaulin or other synthetic materials for water proofing, MISSIONWORKSHOP took a step back by using an American-made 10 oz. waxed canvas material for a classic look and feel. The Waxed Canvas Roll Top Messenger Bag is based on their popular Rummy … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Fitzroy Rucksack | Available Now

The new Fitzroy Rucksack from MISSIONWORKSHOP was developed in accordance to military-specs. But to ensure its truly up to the task, the company had folks at Bicycle Coffee Inc. to test out their latest creation. Weatherproof, waterproof, and virtually bomb-proof, the large internal frame sheet creates a … READ MORE


MISSIONWORKSHOP – Sanction Rucksack | Available Now

MISSIONWORKSHOP does not disappoint again with their latest rucksack, The Sanction. Built to last with weatherproof construction, fit for use for many years. The proof? A lifetime warranty. Made right here in the U.S. of A., the simple design that borrowed sturdy elements from military bags. The … READ MORE