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Mister Cartoon x UNDEFEATED “Holiday Homies Pt. II” T-Shirt

UNDEFEATED is ringing in the holidays for a second straight year with celebrated tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. The SoCal native has created a decidedly irreverent take on Christmas with a decidedly Los Angeles twist, and the festive illustration graces the front of a new long-sleeve tee in black, … READ MORE


UNDEFEATED Billboard Project 29 – “Holiday Homies” | By Mister Cartoon

While on the subject of UNDEFEATED, the Los Angele-base retail/apparel brand recently asked Mister Cartoon to take part on its Billboard Project once again. Sensed the timing as the perfect opportunity to spread some holiday cheers and “chillness”, the skin art icon created “Holiday Homies”, a fun … READ MORE


Young & Reckless Presents: Mister Cartoon – If Only The Tattoos Could Talk

The Young and Reckless blog recently met up with the acclaimed tattoo artist Mister Cartoon (a man whose client list reads like a Grammy performance line-up) for an impromptu philosophical discussion about survival, talent, and success. Beyoncé, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg Lion, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Eminem, and 50 … READ MORE


Nike Presents: AF1 – Keep It Coming Los Angeles | Video

A new campaign video for the Nike Air Force 1, subtitled “Keep It Coming Los Angeles,” showcases the iconic sneaker against a sunny L.A. backdrop. In a city that’s home to a variety of rich subcultures, the Air Force 1 is the consummate scene stealer, no matter … READ MORE


Diesel x Mister Cartoon Limited Edition Watches

Diesel and Mister Cartoon have come together on the first Timeframes collaboration for the popular Italian denim brand, producing two unique watch styles that feature the artist’s signature design work, each sequentially numbered and sold in special packaging. The DZMC0002 has gold oversized Roman numerals on a … READ MORE


UNDFTD – 10th Anniversary Artist T-Shirt Collection

The ink has barely dried on the press releases announcing their collaboration with BAPE and Undefeated (UNDFTD) is already back to celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a new Artist T-Shirt Collection. Featuring 5 artists with an edge, Mister Cartoon, Erik Brunetti, Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, and Estevan Oriol, … READ MORE


Tattoo Nation – Documentary on American Tattoo History | Trailer

Tattoos may not be as taboo as it once used to be, however the evolution of the tattoo art form and industry began when revolutionary tattooist, Charlie Cartwright opened his Goodtime Charlie’s Tattoo Parlor in East Los Angeles, back in 1975. Tattoo Nation delves deep into the … READ MORE


SANCTIOND Stories – Travis Barker Interview By Estevan Oriol | Video

Car enthusiasts are a very unique breed of human being, and the SANCTIOND Stories video series shows how passionate such people can be about automobiles. The latest interviewee for the series is the talented, automobile-crazed drummer, Travis Barker. He shares his love for cars, from old school … READ MORE


VANS OTW + Millennium Shoes Presents: Mister Cartoon | Inglewood

VANS OTW and Millennium Shoes are hosting the world-renowned tattoo and visual artist, Mister Cartoon, at their location in Inglewood, CA on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 from 6-9 pm. Mister Cartoon will be in town to create a custom canvas pieces to represent the iconic footwear brands … READ MORE


Jägermeister – How Mister Cartoon Earned His Seat at the Table | Video

The German liquor brand Jägermeister came up with an interesting promotional campaign titled How… Earned His Seat at the Table. This interview-based campaign speaks to a variety of successful individuals, and amongst them is Los Angeles based tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. Reflecting on his life and the … READ MORE


Mister Cartoon Unveils SANCTIOND Automotive | Video

Renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon translated his interest in cars into a business venture, a signature brand of premium car care products dubbed Sanctiond. The range of goods comprises waxes, polishes, spray detailers, interior and exterior cleaners and tire shines, each packaged in signature Mister Cartoon style. … READ MORE