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SANCTIOND – Automotive Care Products by Mister Cartoon

There is no secret that the legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon is a huge car collector and an automotive enthusiast. He is known for his air brushing on custom cars and has been a familiar face at many of custom car shows. From lowriders to European luxury … READ MORE


Mister Cartoon in Bangkok By Dylan Maddux | Video

Renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon does his fair share of traveling around the world to work with clients outside of Los Angeles. Photographer Dylan Maddux sat down with the legendary artist to talk about his recent visit to Thailand. Mister Cartoon speaks openly about Bangkok through his … READ MORE


Museum of Contemporary Art – Outside In: The Story of Art in the Streets Exhibition | Video

The Museum of Contemporary Art won huge points last year with their Art in the Streets exhibition, a show that consisted of a laundry list of top names in the still ill-defined world of “street art”. Consisting of everyone from graf writers to wheat pasters to general … READ MORE


Mister Cartoon x VANS OTW Alomar | Available Now

Mister Cartoon has been in the lab with VANS, concocting a beautiful piece of artwork. We took a glimpse of the collaboration earlier this month, the flawless VANS OTW Alomar now comes complete with limited edition poster and The Art Of Lettering book. There will only be … READ MORE


Mister Cartoon x VANS OTW Alomar

Another VANS OTW creation is heading our way this month. Created in part by one of its OTW Advocate, tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, the VANS OTW Alomar became the perfect medium for this particular project. By exchanging his tattoo gun with a sewing machine, Cartoon cleverly swap … READ MORE


VANS OTW – Mister Cartoon: Art In The Streets | Video

In this video interview by VANS Off The Wall TV, Mister Cartoon walks us through his exhibit at the Art In The Streets in MOCA Los Angeles. It is elaborately decorated with various artworks completed by Mister Cartoon over the years and pieces range from a full … READ MORE


VANS Custom Culture 2011 Trailers | Video

Art and design students can resonate with the fact that Art is not taken as seriously in many high schools as it should and VANS is taking matters in its own hands by initiating the Custom Culture program. It is a program that pushes the talents of … READ MORE


Mr. Cartoon Tattoo Tour – New York

Looking for a way to honor a dearly departed? Or simply an expression of love for that special someone? A few months after he last visited, tattoo artist Mister Cartoon is returning to the New York City area for an exclusive tattoo session. For 1 week only, … READ MORE


Mister Cartoon x VANS OTW – New Advocate | Video

VANS has proved itself to be an influential monument, because it is making history. Evolution of VANS led them to develop the maturated quality VANS OTW collection to bridge the gap between VANS Classics and VANS Vault. To recognize the line’s achievement, VANS recently released a campaign on … READ MORE


Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Mister Cartoon

There is something about Mister Cartoon that just exudes toughness all-over. This is the man who not only looks tough, makes his work so, and is actually tough. A man who creates, thrives and revels in it, Mister Cartoon is not only one of the most coveted … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear x Mister Cartoon – Display at Trust Nobody

The relationship between Nike and Mister Cartoon is healthy to say the least, and several collaborations between the duo done over the past years are all testaments to their compatibility. So when this World Cup project came up, Mister Cartoon was of course involved. Barcelona’s sneaker and … READ MORE