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mobiado x Aston Martin – Grand Touch Luxury Cellphone

Canadian luxury mobile phone manufacturer http://mobiado.com/” target=”_blank”>Mobiado has teamed up with http://astonmartin.com/” target=”_blank”>Aston Martin on the Grand Touch smartphone. Customers drawn to the phone will invariably be attracted by its sleek appearance, featuring an angular body crafted from a block of aircraft-grade aluminum with large sapphire crystal … READ MORE


Aston Martin x Mobiado – Grand 350 Mobile Phone

If you’re driving around town in an http://astonmartin.com/” target=”_blank”>Aston Martin, you can’t very well be seen on the sidewalk talking into a Blackberry. Luckily, Canadian luxury mobile phone maker http://mobiado.com/” target=”_blank”>Mobiado has the solution. Their just-launched Grand 350 Aston Martin is opulence that can fit in the … READ MORE