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Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 by Iris van Herpen – Limited Edition Champagne Launch | Event Recap

One of New York City’s notorious summer night finally blanketed this town of 8 million with its unbearable heat and suffocating humidity. Though you wouldn’t even notice the annoyance by watching the jet-set crowd in their Black Tie best that gathered at West Side’s Pier 45 last … READ MORE

Shepard Fairey x Hennessy - Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle 06

Shepard Fairey x Hennessy – Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

The list of previous http://hennessy.com/”>Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition projects participants reads like aWho’s Who of the contemporary artists with a strong street affiliation. Starting with http://freshnessmag.com/2011/07/15/kaws-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-bottle/”>KAWS, then http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/12/futura-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-limited-edition-bottle/”>FUTURA and http://freshnessmag.com/2013/08/14/os-gemeos-x-hennessy-vs-cognac-bottle-promo-package-detailed-look/”>Os Gemeos, the list’s newest addition is none other than street art legend http://obeygiant.com/”>Shepard Fairey. Rising to the … READ MORE


Marc Newson Kyoto Champagne Cooler for Dom Perignon

In a few weeks’ time, well-heeled revelers the world over will celebrate the New Year by popping open a bottle of http://domperignon.com/” target=”_blank”>Dom Perignon, the prestige cuvee with the highest level name recognition. Suitable for the luxury vintage champagne, Australian designer http://marc-newson.com/” target=”_blank”>Marc Newson has developed the … READ MORE


Dom Pérignon by David Lynch – Limited Edition Champagne

Director, photographer, visual artist, http://davidlynch.com ” target=”_blank”>David Lynch’s surreal images are, in reality, accurate facsimiles of everyday lives. How’s that to be? Well, have you ever heard of the term “more real than real?” As the three times Oscar-nominated director explained “It is a process of tuning … READ MORE

futura-hennessy-vs-cognac-limited edition-friends-family-pack-00

FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle – Friends & Family Pack

It was like any other inconspicuous knock at our office’s door this afternoon, only the courier unveiled a specially marked package in black. And even before we saw its contents, we already knew that it was the much talked about http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/12/futura-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-limited-edition-bottle/” target=”_blank”>FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac … READ MORE


FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

With the enormous success of http://freshnessmag.com/2011/07/15/kaws-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-bottle/” target=”_blank”>last year’s limited edition cognac bottle by artist Brian Donnelly, or best known as http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS, distillery Hennessy and its parent company http://lvmh.com” target=”_blank”>Moet Hennessy have asked graffiti legend http://futura2000.com” target=”_blank”>FUTURA to participate in the series’ second iteration. Inspiration derived from … READ MORE


Hennessy – Wild Rabbit Interactive Campaign | With Manny Pacquiao & Erykah Badu

Over 1000 invited guests enjoyed a brief duet with http://erykahbadu.com” target=”_blank”>Erykah Badu and a bout against http://mannypacquiao.ph” target=”_blank”>Manny Pacquiao last Thursday as http://hennessy.com” target=”_blank”>Hennessy unveiled its latest marketing campaign in Los Angeles. Dubbed as “Wild Rabbit”, the interactive installations projected the likeness of Badu and Pacquiao onto … READ MORE


KAWS x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

From a career that started being chased by anti-graffiti task force officers, New Jersey native http://kaws.com/” target=”_blank”>KAWS now finds himself pursued by would-be collaborators. The latest to join forces with the artist is cognac brand http://hennessy.com/” target=”_blank”>Hennessy, who’s set to release a special edition bottle of their … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x Dom Pérignon – New York Fashion Week Closing Party | Event Recap

If http://warhol.org”>Andy Warhol did live to see the year 2000, Warhol and his “2,000” gang (the group of 20 guys including Warhol who joked about buying 2,000 bottles of http://domperignon.com”>Dom Pérignonand popping them open at the turn of the millennium) would have approved of Dom Pérignon’s fanfare last night … READ MORE


Happy 23 On 23!!! – Nigel Sylvester 23rd Birthday Party | Event Recap

To most of us, “Monday Night Party” just sounded like an oxymoron, but it does not mean no one wants to party at the start of the workweek.  In fact, there are plenty of people who want to frolic a bit more after the weekend ended, the … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x Dom Pérignon – A Tribute To Andy Warhol by Dom Pérignon

Andy Warhol had a thought (in actual fact, he had more than just one) and he wasn’t afraid to convey it. Before Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons came along, contemporary art’s household bad boy, was none other than the great and late Andy Warhol. While his silkscreen … READ MORE