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Freshness Week In Review: 08/23/2010 – 08/27/2010

Onward into Q4 and fall, this is the last bits of freedom before school starts and the gorgeous sunshine departs for colder weather. Those in New York would have already felt the dropping temperature especially in the early morning and at night, so the Fall/Winter 2010 releases … READ MORE


MONOCLE New York Store | Preview

For a while, it seemed like every global destinations around the world had theirs with exception of New York City. We’re talking about the specialty boutique by MONOCLE Magazine, which might just have created an unique media genre when it first published in 2007. (Think of it … READ MORE


Monocle – Hong Kong Bureau and Shop

If print media is dead then Monocle have found a way to cheat death and then some. It is a refreshing publication filled with good design, photography and best of all great journalism. So when Monocle decided to open its bureau and shop in Hong Kong, they … READ MORE


Monocle Summer Newspaper

The headlines speak for themselves 3 million Kindle e-book devices sold thus far. Apple iPad reached that same number in 80 days. The NOOK took home numerous top design awards… Publishers around have wonder if printed media still matters? Apparently, it is and will continue to be, … READ MORE


Monocle Shop Tokyo | Now Open

Some may perhaps call this the bleak days of print, but like another challenging times, the strong, the talented and the accomplished will stand out and prove that they can do more than survive and flourish against all odds. With good taste, judgment, flawless execution and a … READ MORE


Monocle x Hiroshi Tsubouchi Slip On Summer Shoes

Monocle has established itself not only as one of the leading magazines in the world when print is looking extremely bleak, it is also known for its carefully curated goods and collaborations, mainly because of their good taste. Just a little peek into Monocle’s memorable line-up (which … READ MORE

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Monocle Shop Hong Kong | Seasonal Shop

The face of print publication has changed with the dwindling economy. While many major magazines have folded one after another like dominoes, some managed to stay strong, proving that a well curated content and good taste will triumph financial troughs. Monocle is one of the rare few … READ MORE


Monocle x COMME des GARçONS – Scent Two: Laurel

After the woody Hinoki, Monocle teamed up once again with COMME des GARÇONS to create a new fragrance for fall. Scent Two: Laurel stays royal with a clean blend of laurel notes inspired by a trip to Bekaa Valley in the east of Lebanon, also highly regarded … READ MORE


Monocle x m-flo – Monocle x BlackBerry Christmas Concert

Last Wednesday, Japanese group m-flo had their debut London performance at the Monocle x BlackBerry Christmas Concert. The quintessential magazine of art, design and everything worthy of mention hosted m-flo for a 70 minute set, right after the group just had their 10th anniversary concert in Tokyo. … READ MORE