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Le Baron Shanghai – Set To Open In Summer 2014

After conquering the ritzy nightlife scene of Paris and dominating the headlines of New York City’s tabloids, Le Baron is setting up shop in Shanghai this summer. Established in 2004 by graffiti artist André Saraiva, aka Monsieur A, the nightclub franchise grew at a steady pace over … READ MORE


André Saraiva – Back to Sweden

If you’ve walked the streets of Los Angeles, New York, London, Venice, Paris, or Basel, chances are that you’ve encountered André Saraiva’s fantasy concert posters. That is because Saraiva, a French-Portuguese graffiti artist that is most recognized for his appearance in the Banksy street art movie Exit Through the Gift Shop,as well … READ MORE


André Saraiva – Yellow Mr. A Print

Mr. A is the alter ego of Parisian artist and entrepreneur, André Saraiva. Long before Saraiva founded the Le Baron nightclub enterprise, he would go out, painting this joyful character all over the city. Printed as a second installment to the series of prints produced by Exhibition … READ MORE


Globe-Trotter x André – “Mr. A” Luggage Collection

If you just dropped 3 grand on a first class trip from NYC to Paris, you can’t arrive at the airport with a hand-me-down rucksack and your backpack from college. You need to also give your baggage the ultimate luxury treatment with Globe-Trotter x Andre’s “Mr. A” … READ MORE


purple Magazine x André Saraiva x CONVERSE First String Chuck Taylor All Star Hi

Seen last month with André Saraiva, famed graffiti artist turn night club owner, the special CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star Hi for purple Magazine is now available for purchase. Rather than just a single design, the newest addition to CONVERSE First String Collection actually comes in two-forms. One … READ MORE


purple Magazine x CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star Hi | By André Saraiva

Documenting the lives of the rich, the famous, the fashionable, and the beautiful, Olivier Zahm’s purple Magazine is like a cross of European version of Interview and uber fashion tome Self Service, though the pages of nude beauties will have you think otherwise. However, a quick glimpse … READ MORE


Levi’s Trucker Denim Jackets by André Saraiva & Shepard Fairey

There’s a bit of symmetry between last month’s collaborative project for Levi’s Champs Elysees Flagship with this month’s edition. The key item once again revolves around the Levi’s Trucker Jacket silhouette, which last time around underwent a reworking courtesy of a French and American DJ/producer/record label founder … READ MORE


Frank151 – Chapter 47: Mr. A – Available for Download

Parisian personality André Saraiva wears many hats and one persona that is well known is his Mr. A character which he drew all over Paris and around the world. Frank151 invited André as a guest curator of Chapter 47: Mr. A issue. As the Frank151 book usually … READ MORE


André Saraiva – Deadliest Catch Short Film | Video

Parisian street artist and all around purveyor of fun, André Saraiva, was invited to direct a short film for L’Officiel Hommes. The film is entitled Deadliest Catch, and it is based on a similar concept as the Discovery Channel show by the same name. As one would … READ MORE