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Valentino x Mophie – Limited Edition Powerstation 4000 Battery Pack for Cash & Rocket 2014 Tour

In support of the upcoming http://cashandrocket.com” target=”_blank”>Cash & Rocket 2014 Tour, http://mophie.com” target=”_blank”>Mophie, the leading mobile accessories maker, partnered with fashion house http://ww.valentino.com” target=”_blank”>VALENTINO to create a limited edition battery pack. Based Mophie’s popular Powerstation 4000 model, the special design comes with a glossy finish in VALENTINO’s … READ MORE


Mophie – Power Reserve with Integrated Lightning Connector

Finally, http://mophie.com” target=”_blank”>Mophie is adding a Lightning Connect to its http://mophie.com/shop/power-reserve-lightning?a92=45″ target=”_blank”>Power Reserve external batter pack. The new integrated addition means you won’t have to carry a spare Lightning cable to everywhere you go now. And with a 1350mAh battery capacity, the new Power Reserve will keep … READ MORE


Mophie Space Pack for iPhone – Battery Case With Built-in Storage

For extended trips, you can either carry around an external battery back, worry about where to store it, and fiddle with all the cables. Or, you can invest in the http://mophie.com/” target=”_blank”>Mophie Space Pack for iPhone, which is a handle case and extended battery for your favorite … READ MORE


Steve Wozniak – The Amazing Contents of Apple Co-Founder’s Travel Backpack

Known simply as “Woz” to cadre of Apple followers worldwide, http://woz.org” target=”_blank”>Steve Wozniak in some ways even “out geeked” fellow http://apple.com” target=”_blank”>Apple co-founder Steve Jobs during the early days the company So it wasn’t all that surprising to see this much gadgets packed into Wozniak’s backpack. The … READ MORE


Mophie – iPhone 4 Juice Pack Air

Despite the Antennagate and Glassgate saga revolving around the iPhone 4, lovers of the newhttp://apple.com”> Apple gadget stay loyal for a slimmer look, a faster processor and a longer battery life. Though, there still comes a time when battery does run out and charging is simply not … READ MORE