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Mos Def – Supermagic | Video

With a recent Grammy nomination for best hip-hop album, Mos Def – a true hip-hop veteran, is enjoying some well-deserved success. After releasing critically-acclaimed   records over a decade ago on the Rawkus label, Mos Def has made three major label albums, and his most recent–The Ecstatic … READ MORE


UNDRCRWN x Mos Def – Cut + Sewn Collection

UNDRCRWN (UNDER-CROWN) returns this season with the second and final run of its successful Mos Def collaboration. The much anticipated collection for Fall 2009 will comprised the Cut & Sewn design line, a mix of collegiate varsity styling and urban trend. Outerwears, including RBG, RBG Patchwork, and … READ MORE

The Mos Def Collection By Dustin Canalin for UNDRCRWN

Mos Def Collection by Dustin Canalin for UNDRCRWN

Mos Def (whose real name is Dante Terrell Smith) is definitely a driving force in the entertainment industry. From record deals to television appearances, a talent that does it all.  Now, he’s taking his first steps into the fashion industry.  Long known for his love of urban … READ MORE

UNDRCRWN x Mos Def - Watermelon Syndicate

UNDRCRWN x Mos Def – Watermelon Syndicate

Philadelphia based clothing brand, UNDRCRWN, has gotten together with yet another talented Hip-Hop musician, Mos Def, to collaborate on these Watermelon Syndicate t-shirts. One of the tees was debuted for the first time when Mos Def performed at Carnegie Hall on June 28th, both of the tees … READ MORE