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Nike Basketball – MVPuppets Puppet Revolution T-Shirt | Available Now

As March Madness narrows to “Sweet 16″ matchup, Nike Basketball‘s MVPuppets are calling attention for fans to join their cause in Puppet Revolution. Featuring the cast of characters: Lil’ Dez, Kobe, LeBron, firefighter, Mrs. Lewis, and etc…even a “mamba”? Screen printed on 100% cotton, currently available in … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – MVPuppets T-Shirt | Kobe All-Star Puppet + LeBron All-Star Puppet

After the National Football League (NFL) determined which football team is the best last night (by the way, the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV), another milestone in sports will be cast in another football stadium this Sunday as the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium play host … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – MVPuppets: Dunking On Reindeer | Video

A bunch of reindeer going three-on-three against the magical winning combination of Santa, LeBron and Kobe? The results seem too easy and predictable, but what else would one expect anyway, right? KRS ONE continues to rap his way through the game, ESPN-commentator style and dissing the hooved … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – MVPuppets: Santa Raps (Featuring KRS ONE) | Video

In response to Blitzen’s (played by Lupe Fiasco) taunts in Nike Basketball’s MVPuppets Christmas edition commercials, Santa decided to step up and put his revolting loud-mouthed reindeer in place. Check Santa Claus as played by MC and producer, KRS ONE, making sure the reindeer know that after … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – MVPuppets: Blitzen Raps (Featuring Lupe Fiasco) | Video

LeBron and Kobe celebrates Christmas with Nike in this hilarious special edition of the MVPuppets commercial. LeBron and Kobe along with Father Christmas comes up against Blitzen the begrudged rapping reindeer (played by a Lupe Fiasco) who antagonizes LeBron and Kobe in his rap. Sounds like a … READ MORE

Nike Basketball – MVPuppets: Mystery Solved

The last episode of Nike Basketball’s MVPuppets series left us guessing as to who stole Lebron’s new Nike Air Max Lebron VII and in the newest episode the mystery appears to be solved by Lil Dez’s mother, Mrs. Lewis. Take a look and find out for yourself … READ MORE

Nike Basketball – MVPuppets: Mystery of the Missing VII

In the newest episode of Nike Basketball’s MVPuppets, the various characters including Lebron, Kobe, Lil’ Dez, Ms. Lewis and others try to solve the mystery of the missing Nike Air Max Lebron VII, “featuring the first ever 360 degree air unit”. The episode however ends with a … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – MVPuppets: We’re Back | Video

If you’ve been watching N.B.A. game lately, like the Cavs beating the Bulls on national TV Friday night, you may have seen the new MVPuppets commercial with LeBron and Kobe talking about the “Black Mamba” snake, which is also the name of one standout model of the … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – MVPuppet 4 Rings T-Shirt | Available at UNDFTD

Nike has released a new Puppets 4 Rings t-shirt to commemorate Kobe Bryant’s fourth NBA Championship, the t-shirt is a continuation of the MVPuppets campaign that Nike Basketball released during the 2008-09 NBA Playoffs. This t-shirt showcases 4 Championship Rings on the front of the t-shirt and … READ MORE


Nike Big Nike High – Lil’ Dez | Available Now

Lil’ Dez accompanied NBA fans through last season in Nike’s series of MVPuppets commercials and quickly rose to become one of the most prominent characters aside from Kobe and Lebron earlier this year. The congratulatory pair of all red Big Nike Quickstrike sneakers with a scribbled “Congrats … READ MORE


Nike Big Nike Lil’ Dez “Congrats Kobe”

Nike’s newest star, Lil’ Dez, who was transformed into a superstar over night by playing a prominent role in the Nike MVPuppets commercials that aired throughout this year’s NBA Playoffs, has been utilized on a new pair of Nike Big Nike Quickstrike sneakers along with a matching … READ MORE