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N.HOOLYWOOD x Casio G-Shock DW-5600NH

A longtime admirer of the G-Shock DW-5600, N.HOOLYWOOD designer Daisuke Obana naturally chose the watch for this upcoming collaboration with Casio G-Shock. Housed in a basic matte-black case, the piece features a red EL backlight that illuminates the entire display, while the metal case back is inscribed … READ MORE

N.HOOLYWOOD x CONVERSE Addict Jack Purcell 01

N.HOOLYWOOD x CONVERSE Addict Jack Purcell

Dedicated to the die-hard CONVERSE enthusiasts, their Japan-only Addict series welcomes few new family members. This season’s treats come in a form of Jack Purcell models, refined and revised to offer optimum comfort and integrity to its ’70s silhouette. Besides the two canvas models in grey and … READ MORE


N.HOOLYWOOD – Fall/Winter 2014 Collection | Runway Show

In presenting his New York Fashion Week runway show for N. Hoolywood‘s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, designer Daisuke Obana looked to the impeccably dressed bootleggers from the Prohibition Era spanning 1920 to 1933. Accordingly, the men wore beautifully tailored camel topcoats over loose-fitting flannel suits, along with peacoats, fedoras and … READ MORE


N. HOOLYWOOD – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

The vintage aesthetic of the Wild West breathed another life at the N. HOOLYWOOD’s Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection runway show this past week. Apparently head designer Daisuke Obana‘s obsession with all things classic and collectible has lead him to fixate on flannel tops, leather vests, and denim … READ MORE


N.HOOLYWOOD Exchange Service – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Since the advent of fast fashion in the past few years, numerous high end brands have jumped on the bandwagon by devising cheaper lines filled with basic pieces. N.HOOLYWOOD established their Exchange Service line almost three years ago, modeling it after a military facility for servicemen. The … READ MORE


N.HOOLYWOOD x Generic Surplus “Vandalegal”

Last fall, N.HOOLYWOOD designer Daisuke Obana put out a Spring/Summer 2013 Collection that could easily be described as streetwear with a strong (almost 90′s grunge) urban lean. Full of plaid, denim, hoodies, military jackets, beanies, and graphic tees, you need an equally styled set of footwear to match. Enter: N.HOOLYWOOD’s collaboration … READ MORE


N.Hoolywood – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection | Runway Show

For N. Hoolywood‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, founder and creative director Daisuke Obana paid homage to Amelia Earhart and the early days of aviation. The models wore leather bombers with shearling collars — replete with old-school leather helmets and goggles — and one-piece flight suits underneath camel overcoats. … READ MORE


N.HOOLYWOOD – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection | Preview

Fashion incorporating graffiti has become common these days, but for die-hard graffiti writers and fans, the popularity could be a little hard to swallow. Nevertheless, the allure of the illegal art form and its culture seems to be too strong to resist for many creative types and … READ MORE


MEN’S NON-NO x N.HOOLYWOOD – Archive Collection

Over the years Japanese menswear magazine MEN’S NON-NO have covered and supported countless fashion brands in their monthly publication. One of their favorite Japanese brands is N.HOOLYWOOD, and they have collaborated to launch an Archive Collection. Unlike music or art, fashion is a relatively fast-paced business where … READ MORE


Mid-Century MODERN x N.HOOLYWOOD – Shirt Collection

Mid-Century MODERN is a boutique store focusing on design products and furniture made around the mid-20th century era. Apart from their retailing business, they actively produce their original items as well. One of the fans of the store happen to be Daisuke Obana of N.HOOLYWOOD, thus this … READ MORE


N.HOOLYWOOD x Generic Surplus “Westside”

L.A.-based footwear brand Generic Surplus teams up with Tokyo’s N.Hoolywood on the Westside sneaker as part of the latter’s “Title Back” Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Handcrafted in Japan, the shoe features vulcanized construction with a combination of suede and canvas on the upper. The Westside comes in three … READ MORE