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nabiis x FTC – A2 Fixed Gear Bicycle Frame

Around four years ago, Taiwanese fixed gear crew, apparel label, and retail store, Nabiis, teamed up with San Francisco-based skate shop, FTC, for a limited edition fixed gear bicycle frame called Alchemy. In the original version, it drew influences from classic track bike style. In the 2013 … READ MORE


nabiis x Subcrew – nabiiscrew react | Video

Taiwanese fixed gear crew nabiis and Hong Kong streetwear brand Subcrew has kept a close friendship over many years, and this will be the first time the two labels are teaming up for a collaboration. Their Fall/Winter 2012 collection is entitled nabiiscrew react, and the capsule line … READ MORE


nabiis – Tour De Taiwan – Part 2 | Video

About a year ago, Taiwanese fixed gear crew nabiis embarked on a tour around their motherland, Tour De Taiwan, from the obvious influence from the cycling event Tour de France. First part of the tour aired about a month ago and here we see the second par … READ MORE


nabiis x PUMA Basket – Friends & Family Edition

The perfect tools for fixed-gear riders are few and far between, most usually just a good bike and a destination in mind. More importantly, however, are the unspoken bonds formed between riders. That “us versus the world” mentality seldom understood by people on the outside. And to … READ MORE


nabiis x FTC – Alchemy Fixed Gear Frameset

Late last year, we saw a peek of the new fixed gear framest by Nabiis and FTC and now it is officially released as the new year have started. Started as one of the oldest fixed gear crews in Taipei, Nabiis have come a long way with … READ MORE


nabiis x FTC – Fixed Gear Bicycle Frame Set

FTC has been a shop and brand trusted by skateboarders but with the rise of fixed gear scene, they were one of the first brands to recognize the potential of fixed gear culture before its blow up. On the other side of the globe fixed gear crew … READ MORE