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NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise Pavilion – New York City | Opens Now

The new exhibit for NASA‘s space shuttle Enterprise at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum opened in NYC Thursday (July 19th). Visitors first pass through an airlock into a darkened atmosphere, designed to keep the pressurized pavilion exhibit inflated to evoke the feeling of being in … READ MORE


Tom Sachs x Nike x Cole Haan – Mission Control Shoes

Only on a few rare occasions in the past has Nike attempted a collaboration with multiple parties and Tom Sachs‘ SPACE MISSION: MARS was just such. Staffers at the exhibition, currently ongoing in New York City, received a pairs of special Cole Haan brogue wingtip shoes. But … READ MORE


Nike x Tom Sachs – NIKECraft Collection

He’s not just an artist. A better way to describe Tom Sachs is that he’s a “envisionist”. From what he sees as “could have” possibilities, Sachs devises artworks of unimaginable scales and scope, like his depiction of NASA‘s space program to Mars, in his studio in New … READ MORE


Angry Birds Space – “One Small Fling For A Bird, One Quantum Leap For Birdkind”

A game of truly epic proportion, Angry Birds will start its ascend onto a grander conquest of the final frontier – space. Not just as a sequel to temperamental birds with suicidal tendencies, Angry Birds Space will feature new game engine for “zero gravity” and “lightspeed destruction” … READ MORE


First Outer Space foursquare Check-In | Unveiled New NASA Explorer Badge

The likes of social media and location-based service made a giant leap today as NASA Astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock, Commander of Expedition 25, made the first “check-in” from outer space on the popular social media and location-based platform foursquare. With assistance from upstart creative agency JESS3 and … READ MORE