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Christian Bale & Natalie Portman in “Knight of Cups” Trailer | Video

Between moonlighting as Batman and starring in crazy films like The Machinist, Christian Bale is proving himself to be one of the most versatile actors of our generation. In what looks to be another amazing and confusing project from director Terrence Malick, Bale plays a character thrown … READ MORE


Forbes – Angelina Jolie Tops 2013 Highest Paid Hollywood Actress List

Apart from her recent double mastectomy to thwart off the possibility of breast cancer and that awkward “leg stunt” during this year’s Academy Awards presentation, actress Angelina Jolie still has plenty of staying power when it comes to the limelight. Even though her last feature film, The … READ MORE


Thor: The Dark World – Official Trailer | Video

As promised, Marvel‘s god of thunder makes a return appearance to Earth in this just-released trailer for Thor: The Dark World. Packed with otherworldly battles, new and familiar faces, and legions of new enemies, this first tease of the sequel to Thor picks right where the events of The Avengers wrap up, with Thor … READ MORE