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Native – Fall/Winter 2011 Collection | Video

What’s a good way to enliven the fall season, with its grey skies and shorter days? Add some color to your wardrobe with lightweight Native Shoes. The brand’s Fall/Winter 2011 video, a behind-the-scenes look at a Tim Barber photo shoot, showcases Native’s vast selection of boots and … READ MORE


Marc Jacobs x Native Jimmy Duck Boots – Exclusive Edition

An exclusive product for an exclusive event. As the fashion world descends upon New York City for biggest fashion event this side of the hemisphere, the New York Fashion Week, designer Marc Jacobs along with footwear brand Native Shoes will take the opportunity to introduce their special … READ MORE


Native – Jimmy Duck Boots | Available Now

Even with the passing of Hurricane Irene, Mother Nature seems not to let up. With more storms and hurricanes in the forecast for the time being, perhaps its time to invest in a pair of rainboots, though you no longer need settle with the traditional clunky and … READ MORE


Native – Fall 2011 Collection

Native, makers of the lightweight, washable footwear that have steadily gained in popularity since their debut a year ago, have added a new range of colors for fall: Scuba Green, Cardigan Pink, Jellybean Purple, Crayon Yellow and Peanut Brown. For the uninitiated, all Native shoes, made from … READ MORE


Native – Official Online Store Opens | Video

With its popularity growing ever so much, Native Shoes decided to launch its own online store this week as an effort to appease customers in North America. Select from summer favorites like the boat shoe inspired Howard, canvas slip-on like Jericho and Miller. Also in the mix … READ MORE


Native Fitzsimmons Hypebeast Exclusive Boot

Vancouver’s Native and Hypebeast recently collaborated to created an exclusive colorway of the Fitzimmons boot. The lightweight and comfortable Fitzsimmons is a contemporary take on a classic mountaineering boot with it’s foam-injected molded-EVA construction. The boot was even recently a winner of the Red Dot Award for … READ MORE


Native – Introducing The Howard | Video

How that tongue twister goes again? She sells seashells by the seashore… For the pipe smoking captain of Native Shoes, what he got was more than just seashells but a polka-dot swim suit wearing nymph of the ocean. How to win such a beauty on board your … READ MORE

native shoes spring summer 2011 photoshoot

Native Spring/Summer 2011 Video

The Crocs comparisons have been there from the beginning, but Native Shoes has stuck with it – no doubt helped by the popularity of hiking silhouette Fitzsimmons boot. Native, just off a pretty strong showing at the Compass show last month, is back with a behind-the-scenes video … READ MORE


COMPASS Show 2011 – native Fall/ Winter 2011

With a dreary winter storm covered much of North America this week, what better way to introduce some winter gear for the next season, in particular native shoes. Expanding on the value driven yet uber-fashionable design ideal, native will be introducing a few models this coming fall, … READ MORE


Native Shoes – The Factory | Video

Some say made in USA is the best while others argue that it is made in Japan gets all the props, and made in England is also unforgettable. Native Shoes are proud of their products made in People’s Republic of China and with love. The EVA footwear … READ MORE


Native Fitzsimmons Hiking Boots Academy Blue + Black | Available Now

Perhaps the most interesting success story of 2010, footwear brand native won much accolades and fans with its EVA creations. Not only do them spelled lightness but extreme comfort as well. Now, the Canada-base company is ready to take on its outdoor wear competitors with the Fitzsimmons … READ MORE