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Arrested Development: Season 4 – On NETFLIX | Available Now

In case you were out in some wilderness retreat, singing “Kumbaya” all Memorial Day Weekend-long, then here is a reminder  that you can get a much-needed dosage of cynicism and mockery now on NETFLIX as http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70140358″ target=”_blank”>Arrested Development returns for its forth season. Billed by many as … READ MORE



Things have gotten from bad to just confusing over at http://netflix.com” target=”_blank”>NETFLIX, the pioneering (and once popular) movie rental-by-mail service. In an effort to halt the hemorrhaging of customers, over a million thus far, after it announced a drastic price increase, NETFLIX’s CEO and Founder Reed Hastings … READ MORE


NETFLIX To Become Qwikster

The caveat of “customers are right, all the time” hit home for http://netflix.com” target=”_blank”>NETFLIX CEO Reed Hastings last week. The creator of the now popular movie rental-by-mail service, the company that Hasting also co-founded suffered a huge blow when its stock price nose-dived to $155 per share … READ MORE