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Paul Rodriguez “LIFE” Documentary Series Part 2: Episode 2

The latest installment of network_A‘s “Life” documentary series starring Paul Rodriguez is the most skate-centric episode yet. The action picks up on the morning of P-Rod’s battle against Tom Asta at the Battle of the Berrics 5. On the car ride over, Paul discusses his game plan, … READ MORE


Paul Rodriguez “LIFE” Documentary Series – Part 2: Episode 1

Part 2 of the first episode of Paul Rodriguez’s “Life” documentary series by network_A picks up where the previous installment left off, at Paul’s grandfather’s ranch. Notwithstanding the haunted basement, the familial warmth within the confines is readily apparent, extending all the way to the local skate park (a placard bears … READ MORE


Paul Rodriguez “LIFE” Documentary Series – Part 1: Episode 1

“Life” is the exclusive new documentary series by network_A, in which pro skater Paul Rodriguez opens up about just that — life. The inaugural episode, entitle “Family First,” finds Paul ringing up Kasper van Lierop, the marketing manager of Nike Global Sports, to announce he’s skipping Tampa … READ MORE