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NEXUSVII x New Balance CM1700

The New Balance collaboration family has grown in recent seasons; it now includes big-business fashion retailers (think J. Crew), and a much more elite partner: NEXUSVII. After working on a CM998 released last August, New Balance and NEXUSVII are now releasing a co-designed CM1700. The CM1700 is … READ MORE


NEXUSVII – Holiday 2010 Collection | New Releases

Japanese brand NEXUSVII has released a portion of their new Holiday 2010 Collection at select retailers. This season’s collection is highlighted with a collaboration with fello Japanese brand, Loopwheeler, on a button down hoody. The entire Holiday 2010 Collection from the Japanese brand uses a limited color … READ MORE


NEXUSVII x New Balance – CM998

It is almost too easy to guess the inspiration for this collaboration sneaker by NEXUSVII and New Balance. This CM988 stems from the classic running model, M988 and is influenced by one of the famous work boots maker in US. The obvious colorway and use of yellow … READ MORE


NEXUSVII x Tokishirazu – TSZ Denim Collection

Tokishirazu is a select store in Tokyo that carries various casual wear brands and one of the brands that grace their shelves is the NEXUSVII brand. The TSZ denim collection is a collaboration that puts improvements on the already fantastic denims by NEXUSVII. TSZ*1 is a straight … READ MORE


NEXUSVII – Selvedge Denim Tote Collection

Taken quotes from sci-fi classic Blade Runner, Japanese’s apparel label NEXUSVII (or NEXUS 7) is actually a tight knit group, a dedicated 4 men team, quite small even by Japanese fashion industry standard. However, the seemingly lack in manpower, NEXUSVII makes up in the quality and volume … READ MORE

Cropped Painter Pants

NEXUSVII – Cropped Painter Pants

Cropped pants have become a popular item recently and NEXUSVII have released their version of the Cropped Painter Pants. The three quarter length pants is made by chambray fabric that is dyed in a standard indigo color. White stitchings are used on the pants bringing out each … READ MORE

Nexus7 Bearbrick

NEXUSVII x MEDICOM TOY – 100% & 400% BE@RBRICK | Preview

No official word is out yet on this collaboration but NEXUSVII website indicates that they are working on some BE@RBRICKS with MEDICOM TOY. The image looks to be some form of Mickey Mouse inspired design with black body, white hands, red shorts, yellow NEXUSVII logo as two … READ MORE


Stussy XXX Collaboration T-Shirt Group 3

The Stussy 30th Anniversary celebration continues with this third group of XXX Collaboration t-shirts. Having worked with Supreme, NEIGHBORHOOD, PAM, and more on the Group 2 collection of XXX Collaboration tees, Stussy comes back with another great lineup of collaborators for this third group. Included in this … READ MORE


NEXUSVII – Windstopper Parka

Produced in the signature monotone colorway that NEXUSVII is known for, the Windstopper Parka merges two classic silhouettes into one. Gingham check pattern Windstopper textile is used on the exterior for highly functional finish. However on the chest pocket, they have decided to use a 60/40 fabric … READ MORE


NEXUSVII x PORTER – Jane Leather Bag

NEXUSVII has been crafting mature styles since its inception and the label’s attention to quality can be attested by this Jane Leather Bag in collaboration with PORTER. It is a rare for PORTER to craft a piece from pure leather. More traditional than their standard pieces, this … READ MORE


NEXUSVII (7) x Disney – Mickey Mouse TRON Edition Hoodie

As anticipation for its sequel, TRON LEGACY, builds, the TRON sci-fi franchise partnered with Japan’s NEXUS VII (7) for a special hoodie in the apparel label’s Spring 2010 line. Weaved in heavy twill cotton, the hoodie features a large silhouette of Mickey Mouse in TRON‘s light suit … READ MORE