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Gatorade Inside the Edge: Nigel Sylvester | Video

In a video created by Gatorade, professional BMX rider and Queens native Nigel Sylvester describes in his own words what it’s like to ride through New York’s concrete canyons. The artfully shot black and white clip clocks in at two minutes and shows Nigel as he negotiates … READ MORE


Nigel Sylvester x Casio G-Shock GD100NS-7

Along with the announcement of Nigel Sylvester officially joining Casio G-Shock team as its pro BMX street rider, Casio also unveiled the G-Shock GD100NS-7, the Nigel Sylvester signature timepiece. Made accordingly to a set of stringent manufacturing standards created by G-Shock engineers, the GD100NS-7 is perfectly suited … READ MORE


Nigel Sylvester x Casio G-Shock GD-100NS | Teaser

An early look at a Casio G-Shock product catalog revealed Nigel Sylvester is to have his own G-Shock timepiece this August. Uniquely designed, much like the Queens native street riding style, the G-Shock GD-100 based watch will be all white with a black dial face.  High contrast … READ MORE

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Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade – All Day Sessions: New Orleans | Video

In the need for a quick visitor’s guide to the “Big Easy”? Just take a look at the second episode of Gatorade‘s All Day Sessions as BMX rider Nigel Sylvester strode down the French Quarters of New Orleans. Along with friend Ralphy Ramos and on the backdrop … READ MORE


Gatorade x Nigel Sylvester – All Day Sessions | Video

Gatorade is starting a new series of video documentary entitled All Day Sessions. The series aims to follow BMX riders on their journey through out different cities and the first video captures Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos on the streets of Miami. The raw street riding styles … READ MORE


Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade – Making Moves Since ’87 Box Set

A short relief from the stifling summer heat of New York City when an unmarked Gatorade package arrived in Freshness office yesterday evening. More questions than answers when we peeked inside – no more or less than a brief case with 5 familiar insignias of Gatorade, New … READ MORE


Nike 6.0 BMX – Mavrk Low 2 With Flex Wrap | Available Now

The creation of its Nike Dunk Gyrizo was an invaluable lesson for the Nike design team. While it was a project intended to be only for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Elements of it have transcended to other models along with one realization – the need … READ MORE


Nike 6.0 – Nigel Sylvester Nonstop | Video

Has one of the most talented street biker gone underground? Hardly the case. Instead, Nigel Sylvester been traveling around the globe during his “off season”. While on the record for this most recent video from Nike 6.0, Sylvester stated his down time at Grenada along with his … READ MORE


Nigel Sylvester x Stevie Williams – THE TAKEOVER TOUR Summer 2011 | Video

The gyration of the handlebar, the finesse of 360 Pop Shove It on deck, BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and skater Stevie Williams‘ acumen in their forms of art is such, even Mindfreak‘s Criss Angel has do a double take. This summer, the duo will take their “tricks … READ MORE