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CURRY UP – Apparel Collection

We know that Nigo, the former mastermind behind the Bathing Ape empire, now spends his time shepherding his new vintage-inspired label http://humanmade.jp/” target=”_blank”>Human Made, but let’s not forget that the streetwear pioneer is also a restaurateur. He owns the http://curryup.jp/en/” target=”_blank”>Curry Up restaurant in Harajuku, a sleekly … READ MORE



What started out as a personal top 50 best products list from http://bape.com/”>A Bathing Ape has now grown to be printed as a full-fledged book by http://rizzoliusa.com/”>Rizzoli. http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/”>NIGO listed out his favorite items from http://freshnessmag.com/tag/a-bathing-ape/”>A Bathing Ape on his blog on http://honeyee.com/”>honeyee.com a while back, and the … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x I.T – eZHOP Camouflage Collection

With camouflage making such a strong resurgence lately, now seems like as good a time as any for Bape to bring back out their pastel prints to remind the world how long they’ve been doing the camo thing. Together with I.T eZHop they’ve put together a brand … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection | Preview

Unlike the previous season, the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from http://humanmade.jp/”>HUMAN MADE is not restricted by any particular theme. Although the collection still take huge influence from vintage clothing made in the 30’s and 40’s. As founder and designer http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/”>NIGO explains, some of these pieces took over a … READ MORE



After a 2-year hiatus from the program, http://bape.com/”>A Bathing Ape founder http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo”>Nigo will once again contribute to the Japan-only http://converse.co.jp/”>CONVERSE Addict Project with his BAPE Nigo x CONVERSE Addict All Star Highs. In simple white or brown canvas, each of the editions will include a vertical zip-up … READ MORE


Human Made – Campus Sweat

What makes some vintage clothing special is its high quality construction and well thought out designs. Perhaps the current fast fashion does not require pieces to last longer than the seasonal trends. http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/”>NIGO envisioned http://humanmade.jp/”>Human Made to follow in the footsteps of vintage clothing, where products are … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE – Hot Dog Club Varsity Jacket

Any cinephile who knows his ’80s ski movies can tell you that the term “hot dog” means to show off, and one can do just that in this Hot Dog Club Varsity Jacket from http://humanmade.jp/” target=”_blank”>Human Made. The new venture from http://bape.com/” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape founder Nigo … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape – Year of the Dragon Pack

Yes, there is only three days left until 2012 and while some are on a nice vacation, many are working away until the weekend. http://bape.com”>A Bathing Ape has been working hard preparing for the New Year, getting ready to launch the Year of the Dragon Pack very … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Star Wars – Capsule Collection | Delivery 2

Can hear it, that familiar anthem by composer John Williams? After an overwhelming reception of its debut collection, http://us.bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape and http://starwars.com” target=”_blank”>Star Wars will continue their space odyssey once again for the Delivery 2 of A Bathing Ape x Star Wars – Capsule Collection. … READ MORE


Billionaire Girls Club – By Billionaire Boys Club

There will be plenty to celebrate come next year when http://bbcicecream.com”>Billionaire Boys Club launches a full-fledged line for women, aptly named http://bbcicecream.com/shop/bgc/” target=”_blank”>Billionaire Girls Club. When first conceived by http://n-e-r-d.com” target=”_blank”>Pharrell Williams and http://us.bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape founder NIGO back in 2005, the goal was to offer … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE By NIGO – Gallery & Store Taipei

Just a few short months following the opening of his http://humanmade.jp/” target=”_blank”>HUMAN MADE flagship in Tokyo, NIGO has taken his fledgling heritage brand overseas for the first time and launched a combination gallery and retail space in Taiwan. Situated on the second floor of The Complete Studio, … READ MORE