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Freshness Week In Review: 1/09/2011 1/15/2011

Yes, there was another major snowstorm this week, but most places took it in stride and moved on. In Freshness culture, it was a pretty busy week in Nike world (which isn’t that remarkable in and of itself). The Swoosh announced releases covering SB, ACG, Jordan, and … READ MORE


BAPE Pirate Store London

The swashbuckling adventure continues as http://freshnessmag.com/2010/06/25/bape-new-york-pirate-store-apple-store-line-up-galore/” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape Pirate Store finds its way to the City of London. First time appearance on the continent of Europe, the http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>BAPE Pirate Store London will be offering hard to find items at discounted prices. In addition, the temporary … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Stussy Survival Of The Fittest | Final Delivery Available Now

By now, there is no need of introduction on this collaboration, http://freshnessmag.com/2010/12/15/a-bathing-ape-x-stussy-%E2%80%93-survival-of-the-fittest-delivery-2/” target=”_blank”>Survival of the Fittest Collection from http://stussy.com” target=”_blank”>Stussy and http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape. And as the world usher in the year 2011 over the weekend, so did most Stussy Chapter Stores and BAPE retail locations … READ MORE


BAPE Store Beijing – Grand Opening | Additional Photos

If you visit the trendy San Lit Tun Village pedestrian mall in Beijing this weekend, you will be quick to notice a new structure the center of attraction, the standalone mall by Hong Kong’s https://ithk.com” target=”_blank”>I.T. Group. Along with Beijing’s first ever http://comme-des-garcons.com” target=”_blank”>COMMME des GARCON flagship, … READ MORE


BAPE Store Beijing – Grand Opening | Event Recap

The New Year celebration started early in the city of Beijing as http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape and its distributor I.T. opened the doors to http://freshnessmag.com/2010/12/28/bape-store-beijing-opening-december-2011/” target=”_blank”>BAPE Store Beijing just a few hours ago. Despite the prior confusion about the time of the opening, mostly due to http://freshnessmag.com/2010/12/28/bape-store-beijing-opening-december-2011/” … READ MORE



Aside from his market showmanship, what people often don’t know about http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/” target=”_blank”>Nigo is his impeccable talent for trend forecasting. While others opened hair salons for adults, the founder of http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape was quick to realize parents were more willing to splurge on their children … READ MORE

HUMAN MADE By NIGO – Stadium Jacket | Elk Leather & Sheep Skin

Like all who enjoys the good life, http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/” target=”_blank”>NIGO (of http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>BAPE) has a natural inclination to finer things this world has to offer. So expect no less when it comes to designing his new venture, http://humanmade.jp” target=”_blank”>HUMAN MADE, and its branded Stadium Jacket. Though the silhouette … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Stussy Survival Of The Fittest | Delivery 2

Once again, 2 weeks after its initial debut, Stussy and A Bathing Ape (BAPE) launched the second delivery of the much anticipated Survival Of The Fittest Collection.  As mentioned previously, the name selected by http://blog.honeyee.com/paul/” target=”_blank”>Paul Mittleman (http://stussy.com/” target=”_blank”>Stussy) and http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/” target=”_blank”>Nigo (http://bape.com/” target=”_blank”>BAPE) was quite indicative … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE By NIGO – Official Website Update

“Where are you in the 2010’s?” asked the headline.  For the large part of the last 2 decades, http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/” target=”_blank”>Nigo, the impresario of Tokyo’s urban scene, navigated his http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A Bathing Ape franchise through trend and hype of various sorts. But even he knows that fashion is … READ MORE


NIGO – NIGOLDEN Pop-Up Bookstore

Sure, the fact that the Kindle is sold out everywhere seems to point to a change in our consumption habits in terms of reading. Books and printed matter have taken a binary form and are now easily compressed into a flat device, and leafing through pages now … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Stussy – Survival Of The Fittest | Delivery 1

In ways, the name chosen by http://blog.honeyee.com/paul/” target=”_blank”>Paul Mittleman (http://stussy.com” target=”_blank”>Stussy) and http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/” target=”_blank”>Nigo (http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>BAPE) is quite indicative of the rag trade today. Where a creative director not only has to focus on the design itself, but play a balancing act between quality, price point, and … READ MORE