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Nike Air Tech Challenge II – “Clay Blue” | Release Info

Whereas http://rolandgarros.com” target=”_blank”>French Open’s orange/reddish clay courts were part of the inspirations behind the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/01/14/nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-qs-hot-lava/” target=”_blank”>Nike Air Tech Challenge II “Hot Lava” design, the upcoming http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Air Tech Challenge II “Clay Blue” honors the blue/green clay that once covered majority of tennis courts around the globe. … READ MORE


Nike Air Tech Challenge II – “Kumquat”

Following the introduction of his http://freshnessmag.com/2014/02/27/nikeid-zoom-vapor-tour-9-tech-spray-options/” target=”_blank”>lava-inspired print on NIKEiD, http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Sportswear and Andre Agassi reintroduces another retro kick with the explosive pattern, the Air Tech Challenge II, for the spring. The “Kumquat” edition retains the majority of the color palate seen on the Australian Open … READ MORE


Nike Air Tech Challenge II “Australian Open” – Available at 21 Mercer

http://nike.com/” target=”_blank”>Nike has revealed official images of the http://freshnessmag.com/2014/01/20/nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-sp-australian-open/” target=”_blank”>Nike Air Tech Challenge II “Australian Open,” paying homage to tennis great Andre Agassi and his Grand Slam victories at the courts of Melbourne. The silhouette is true to its original shape but refreshed with the technology of today, featuring … READ MORE


Nike Air Tech Challenge II SP – “Australian Open”

Beset by injuries and heat advisories, 16 players prevailed to move on to this week’s Quarterfinals round of the http://ausopen.com” target=”_blank”>Australian Open. One of those watching the game’s progress with some vested interest is http://andreagassi.com” target=”_blank”>Andre Agassi, whose win at the 2003 Australian Open was also his … READ MORE


Nike Air Tech Challenge II QS – “Hot Lava”

Last September – or lightyear in sneaker development cycles these days – http://freshnessmag.com/2013/09/18/nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-hot-lava-returns-in-2014-preview/” target=”_blank”>we gave you a preview of what was in store for the http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Air Tech Challenge II in 2014, focusing on a return of the “Hot Lava” print made famous by http://andreagassi.com” target=”_blank”>Andre … READ MORE


Nike Air Tech Challenge II “Hot Lava” Returns in 2014 | Preview

Some like it hot. And others like it volcanic. If you’re in that second group, then you need to listen up. The most sought-after look for the iconic http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 made famous by Andrew Agassi is making a comeback in 2014. Perhaps Nike … READ MORE


Nike Air Tech Challenge II – Suede Pack

After some time in the shadows, the Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 is making its way back into the spotlight in the form of three new looks that will be hard to ignore. Each model comes in a two-toned colorway, presenting the Agassi sneaker in a Suede … READ MORE


Nike Air Tech Challenge II “Wimbledon”

Although Roger Federer and his http://freshnessmag.com/?p=389761″ target=”_blank”>Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 LE’s are in the http://wimbledon.com/index.html” target=”_blank”>Wimbledon spotlight today, years ago it was Andre Agassi that was dominating the game (and pushing the limits of the dress code). With Agassi’s return to the brand, it’s fitting that his … READ MORE


RE-Fresh: Nike Air Tech Challenge II (1990)

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Jesse Carr There is nothing subtle about http://agassifoundation.org” target=”_blank”>Andre Agassi. His style was rebellious, and both his game and his appearance shook the conservative world of tennis. Strutting into hallowed courts in stonewashed, cut-off jeans over neon biker pants that he … READ MORE