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Nike 1948 London – Nike HTM Flyknit Collection Launch | Event Recap

London will soon play host to a much more widespread sports-centric frenzy once the Summer Games arrive there in a couple of months, but Nike has showed up early to give trainer fanatics a taste of a piece of footwear that you don’t have to be an … READ MORE


Nike HTM Flyknit Collection – HTM Racer & HTM Trainer+ | Release Info

Today’s worldwide debut of Nike’s new Flyknit technology indicates that in many ways, Nike sets the tone for sports performance innovation. The Nike HTM Fly Knit Collection, also unveiled today during a special showcase at 21 Mercer, highlights Nike’s unique ability to merge function and design. Nike … READ MORE


Nike HTM Flyknit Collection – HTM Racer & HTM Trainer+

At every conjuncture within Nike‘s innovative streak there was the HTM Collection, a remarkable partnership between Japanese influencer Hiroshi Fujiwara, legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, and Nike CEO Mark Parker. And just like when the collaboration first started in 2002, the three friends worked as one entity … READ MORE


Nike HTM Solar Soft Sandal

Nike’s next collaboration with the design trio of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Nike CEO Mark Parker better known as HTM will be on a new sandal called the Solar Soft Sandal. The sandal will come in four different tonal colors including Neon, Pink, Black, and Obsidian … READ MORE


Nike HTM2 Run Boot Low TZ | 3 Colorways Available

21 Mercer is getting their first pairs of the new Nike HTM2 Run Boot, which we previewed for you a few weeks back. The name HTM is a reference to three of Nike’s most respected designers–fragment design’s own Hiroshi Fujiwara(H), famous Air Jordan collaborator Tinker Hatfield (T), … READ MORE


Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ – New Colorways

While the official news regarding the Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ broke this morning, it appears that there will be multiple colors of the low cut version of the HTM2 Run Boot including the Obsidian and Pink colorway that Hiroshi Fujiwara first revealed in December. In addition … READ MORE


Nike HTM2 Run Boot TZ

Arguably one of the best design groups ever put together, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, Mark Parker, and Mark Smith set out to bring innovation to the traditional ankle boot so that it not only looked great but also performed at the best level. The latest product from … READ MORE

Hiroshi Fujiwara showing Freshness the Nike HTM 2

Nike – HTM2 | Preview

Dubbed one of history’s greatest threesomes by Complex, the HTM line from Nike is back. HTM for those of you who are scratching your heads is made up of three of today’s most influential and recognized figureheads. H, is for Hiroshi Fujiwara whose fragment design has become … READ MORE