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Nike – China Federations Uniforms – Officially Unveiled | Event Recap

With Craig Cheek, Vice President & General Manager of the Greater China region indicating the event’s start, Nike China wasted no time to present the official uniforms for Chinese athletes at the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympics. Together with Martin Lotti, the seasoned Nike Creative Director who … READ MORE


Nike+ Basketball | Release Info

After the dust settle and the NBA Finals select a new champion, Nike will unveil a brand new system, the Nike+ Basketball that will help to train the next generation of NBA Champions. Base on the already popular Nike+ system, which helped to bring a new sport … READ MORE


Nike+ FuelBand – “No Regrets: Nigel Sylvester Gumball 3000″ | Video

The Gumball 3000 is a 3,000-mile international road rally hosted each year on public roads around the world, led each year by Maximillion Cooper since 1999. Unlike traditional rally races, this, well, isn’t a race at all — there are no prizes for being first or official … READ MORE


Nike – “Make It Count” Around The World Voyage | Video By Casey Neistat

His personality is what you call “an impulsive one”, but there is never a dull moment in New York film director Casey Neistat‘s life. After entrusted by Nike with an upfront payment to create a commercial for the Nike+ FuelBand, Neistat decided to spend the entire amount … READ MORE


Nike+ FuelStation at BOXPARK Pop-Up Mall | London, England

To coincide future launch of the Nike+ FuelBand at additional retail locations in Europe, Nike facilitated the first ever Nike+ FuelStation at London’s BOXPARK pop-up mall. Situated just around the corner from where the 2012 Olympic Summer Games will take place, the Nike+ FuelStation offers more than … READ MORE


Nike+ FuelBand – The Inside Story | Video

“The entire insight behind the Nike+ FuelBand is motivation…” While it is as simple as a desire to accomplish more, the technology behind the Nike+ FuelBand is a complex myriad of propositions. Literally a wrist worn computer, Nike‘s Stefan Olander and Kwamina Crankson had to simplify the … READ MORE


Nike Olympic Innovation Summit | Event Recap

In the past two days, Nike held a 2012 Summer Olympics Innovation Summit in NYC showcasing their latest developments for athletes competing in the world’s biggest athletic competition. And they brought out the heavy arsenal for main stage. Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis opened the “games” for … READ MORE


Introducing Nike+ Basketball & Nike+ Training

The interconnectivity between technology and modern active lifestyle is even obvious today as Nike unveiled the Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training systems. By putting you in a constant competition against friends, rivals, and yourself, both systems enhance your performances with instant feedbacks in various metrics. Along with … READ MORE


NIKEFUEL – “Makes Life A Sport” Announcement | Event Recap

Since becoming its host in 2009, comedian Jimmy Fallon has made his show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” an impromptu platform for debut on the latest gadgetry. This morning was no exception as media/press from around the globe gathered for the announcement of Nike+ FuelBand. With ?uestlove‘s … READ MORE


Nike and Apple To Jointly Develop Smart Clothing | Rumor

Despite its immense popularity, the Nike+ system isn’t perfect. For one thing, its performance metrics only measures running. One other element missing is it doesn’t measure how your body responses during the run, like heart rate monitoring. Improvements to the system might be here already thanks to … READ MORE


Nike #MakeItCount 01.19.2011 | Teaser

The writing is on the wall, so to speak. This coming Thursday, January 19th, Nike will launch a revolutionary product. Though the company’s been quite tight-lipped about the exact nature of it, a significant aspect is that it will be for any one and any sport. Another … READ MORE