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Nike Snowboarding – Snowboarding Boots Collection

Over the past few days, it seems as though the northeastern America had simply grazed quickly through fall and plunged into winter, and some counties have been spotted their first snow. While the arrival of incredible cold might be of dismay to many, the snowboarders rejoice at … READ MORE


Nike Snowboarding – Zoom Kaiju + Zoom Force 1 | Available Now

Sneaker fiends have something to look forward to this winter! Introducing the new Nike Snowboarding boots, Zoom Kaiju and Zoom Force 1. A beast of a boot, the Zoom Kaiju (“monster” in Japanese) is a culmination of what Nike Snowboarding has to offer. Aside from the standard … READ MORE


Nike Snowboarding – Zoom DK – Black – Quasar Purple

It may seem deceptively summery at the moment, but Nike Snowboarding is always one to prep in advance, and they are ready to shred with the drop of the new Zoom DK snowboarding boot in Black and Quasar Purple.


Nike Snowboarding – Fall 2009 Boots Collection

Nike Snowboarding gears up for the upcoming snowboarding season with a new collection drop of snowboarding boots. This collection so far includes the Nike Zoom Force 1 in fresh colorways of tie-dye,   a metallic military-inspired brown and olive pair, another in black with a brown printed … READ MORE

Nike  Zooom Force 1 (ZF1) Snowboard Boots

Nike Snowboarding – Zoom Force 1 Snowboard Boots

Among Nike-branded Russian matryoshka dolls in the likeness of Nike Snowboarding Team members sits 2 pairs of Nike Zoom Force 1, the label’s latest foray into snowboarding marketing, currently the fastest growning winter sport. Shaped closely to the proven forms of Air Force 1 sneakers, the Zoom … READ MORE