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Freshness Week In Review: 3/27/2011 4/3/2011

It’s been another busy week of collaborations, art, design, cars, shoes, and everything else that makes up our world. We can’t touch on everything here, but here’s a recap of a few of the bigger stories of the week. First off, the trailer for the soon-to-be-released Freshness-exclusive … READ MORE


Nike Stadium NYC Celebrating The Spirit Of 73

For most, the year 1973 in New York seems to be a distant planet, an odd landscape with strange cultures and even stranger practices. A tune that delved heavily in urban culture, something later known as Hip-Hop, was still in it infancy, as well as the head … READ MORE


Nike x French Football Federation – Official Away Jersey | Teaser Video

Its cultural distinctions nearly broke the team and cost them a place at last year’s World Cup. Now, with a new year comes with a renew sense of aspirations among the members of French Football Federation. Highlight the nautical heritage of France and its 19th century Navy, … READ MORE


Nike Stadium NYC – Classetball By Olivia Kim & Todd Jordan | Event Recap

Ever heard of Classetball? We haven’t either, not till this past weekend when Nike Stadium NYC at Bowery introduced the event to the world. Founded by Olivia Kim of Opening Ceremony and skateboarding photographer Todd Jordan, Classetball was an event of seamless transition, from the adrenaline charging … READ MORE


Nike Stadium MFG Features DJ Clark Kent Destroyer Jacket For His Son | Video

True that his public persona has him as the master of nightlife and rave parties around the world. But to those who knows him personally, DJ Clark Kent is first, a family man, second, a friend, and finally, a DJ, in that order.  Not surprising then … READ MORE


Nike Stadium MFG Features Chris Bosh Destroyer Jacket

Its quickly becoming an unspoken custom for athletes and cultural influencers. When in New York City, one must stop by Nike Stadium NYC at Bowery and create an one-of-the-kind Destroyer Jacket. The latest inductee to this exclusive club of the few is Chris Bosh, power forward for … READ MORE


Nike Stadium MFG Features LeBron James Destroyer Jacket + AW77 Hoody + NSW T-Shirt

If he is “the most hated man” in basketball today, LeBron James certainly did not let it fray him during the 2011 NBA All-Star Game last weekend. In fact, James gloat at the adversities and in ways wore it like a Red Badge of Courage since his … READ MORE


Nike Stadium MFG Features Busy P + Michael Dupouy Destroyer Jacket

In their whirling wind tour worldwide for the launch of ALL-GONE 2010, Pedro Winter, best known as Busy P of Ed Banger Records, and La MJC‘s Michael Dupouy were able to find the time to customize their very own Destroyer Jackets at Nike Stadium NYC. Both created … READ MORE


Nike Stadium NYC – Celebrating Black History Month

In honoring their triumphs over adversities and their struggles in becoming not only great athletes but part of citizenry, Nike Stadium NYC at Bowery went through a transformation to highlight the accomplishments of Michael Jordan, Dr. Jay and Kobe Bryant. Part of Nike Sportswear’s commemoration to Black … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear – “Destroy With Speed” Custom Super Bowl XLV Destroyer Jacket

In signing with the NFL on one of the most lucrative contracts in sports, Nike and its Nike Sportswear division wasted no time in flexing its marketing assets for the big game tonight.  Now with Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, and the rest of the Green Bay Packers … READ MORE


Nike Stadium Paris – Nike Sportswear French Football Federation Clubhouse

Billed as a temporary clubhouse for Fédération Française de Football, the majestic transformation of Nike Stadium Paris couldn’t be further from the moniker.  Instead of a clubhouse, what French fans got from Nike Sportswear was a futuristic built-out, draped in sanitizing white in one portion and warming … READ MORE