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Freshness Week In Review: 8/16/2010 – 8/20/2010

New York City has been extremely busy (since when has it not been, but even more so this week, mainly with thanks to Nike) recently, and because of that, Freshness has been extremely busy as well. We have ran around the town from Madison Square Garden to … READ MORE


Nike Stadium – Nike SB Private Party Ft. Gucci Mane + Lil’ Kim | Event Recap

“Oh My God! It’s a mosh pit!” gleefully screamed a group of attendants at last night’s private party for Paul Rodriguez and the Nike SB team. Indeed, it was a mosh pit at the urging of hip-hop star Gucci Mane as he took centerstage at Nike Stadium … READ MORE


Andrea Caputo for Nike Stadium | Milan

Known for his contribution to the Graffiti community with the expansive All City Writers project, one of the most extensive documentation about Graffiti, it might be easy to simply identify Andrea Caputo as a photographer, a journalist, or a graffiti aficionado. However, Andrea Caputo is also a … READ MORE


N*E*R*D x Nike Stadium – “Live From The Running Club” Secret Showcase | Event Recap

It was a super clandestine showcase, and no one really knew anything about it beforehand. Perhaps except for the 100 strong in the know who showed up and boogied down to N*E*R*D’s classic “Lapdance”. At Nike Stadium in Milan, Pharrell and his partner Shae showed up with … READ MORE


Nike Stadium – Brazil + Japan = Tulio | Video

Marcus Tulio Tanaka may not have a chance to shine at this year’s 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals, or even the semi-finals, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that the Japanese Brazilian soccer player is still one of the most skilled players around. As a part … READ MORE


VBS x Nike Stadium – Playmakers – Paris

Continuing on Nike Stadium and VBS’ journey through playmakers of different Nike Stadiums around the world, we have passed by Brazil, Japan, Milan, and is now onto Paris, the City of Lights. In this ultra romantic city, there resides Korean artist Sanghon Kim. Kim’s work is dark, … READ MORE


VBS x Nike Stadium – Playmakers – Milan

Not too long ago, we followed Japanese Brazilian footballer, Marcus Tulio Tanaka, on a journey through his childhood and his life journeying into the wonders of the soccer game. Along the way, we met other important playmakers from different disciplines and industries such as music and art … READ MORE


Nike Stadium @ Selfridges: Tinie Tempah Performance | Video

The Ultralounge at Selfridges have been packed recently with sports fans and more, as it had been transformed into a game viewing space that also houses special Nike World Cup products by Nike Stadiums. Aside from an impressive screen that allows the audience to enjoy the game … READ MORE


Nike Stadium – “Dress Of A Nation” by Pfadfinderei + Apparat and Phon.o | Video

According to Nike Stadiums, the visual genius of Pfadfinderei and the sonic charms of Apparat and Phon.o, the National Team Kits are more than just t-shirts to wear on court. They have a deeper metaphoric significance than that. They are about courage, they are about a vision, … READ MORE


Nike Stadium x VBS – Playmakers Tokyo | Videos

What does Japan and Brazil have in common? A nation of people with passion for soccer? Apparently, there is more than that. Bathing in the glow of the 2010 FIFA World Cup (Bless Japan for putting up a good fighting and giving the audience a good penalty … READ MORE


Nike Stadium – National Team Kits Photos By LAPP-Pro

Entranced by brilliance, the National Team Kits imagery by LAPP-Pro are ones of otherworldly beauties yet awfully familiar.  Commissioned by Nike Stadium in part to celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup, lightstalkers Joerg Miedza and JanLeonardo Woellert, principals of LAPP-Pro (short for Light Art Performance Photography Pro), … READ MORE