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Nike Stadium At Selfridges | Detailed Look

Watching the game alone at home is perhaps the most comfortable way to go, but it is difficult to not feel slightly ridiculous when jumping up and down the couch, knocking over the coffee table, all by yourself. Adrenaline, testosterone and excitement are best when shared with … READ MORE


Nike Stadium at Selfridges | World Cup Viewing

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup well underway, promising action, surprises (Japan who was thought to be the weakest of its group had risen to the occasion and triumphed over Cameroon; meanwhile, reigning champion Italy was rather disappointing in tying the game with Paraguay), and everything one … READ MORE


Nike Stadium – Zoltar Nike Shaman Opening | Video

Tradition has it, before a battle, some tribes, be it the surviving ones who currently reside in the vanishing nooks of the world, or the ones that have been wiped out for one reason or another, warriors will approach the village shaman for advice and blessings. The … READ MORE

Nike Stadium – Zoltar’s Nike Shamen

Nike is at it again with a low tech video trailer from Nike Stadium that intrigues and exposes a mere portion of the soon to be revealed Nike Shaman project with Project Zoltar from UK. The launch of the trailer is not accompanied by any further detail … READ MORE


Nike Bowery Stadium Virtual Tour | Video

On May 14, Nike Stadiums finally opened its doors to New York City and unveiled its new location on Bowery Street, which is set to become a new creative community space for both the public and sporting events participants. Aside from the opening recap we had covered … READ MORE


Nike Stadium Berlin Opening

Nike Stadium may be named after a certain kind of sporting facility, but don’t be surprised if not all Nike Stadiums resemble large open grassy patches that one can cross train and run laps on. Stadium, in this sense, is more of a concept, and a celebration … READ MORE

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Nike Stadium – Heroes of Speed – Mesut Özil

Perhaps one of the brightest young talents in soccer today, Mesut Özil has proved to be one of the indispensable heroes of speed on courts at the age of 21. As such, combined with the fact that Mesut Özil had ran a historical soccer moment in Nike’s … READ MORE


Nike Stadium Amsterdam Opening

Not just a center for sports, Nike Stadium is the center for culture, art, and everything about passion. And in view that the 2010 FIFA World Cup is coming up really soon on Jun 11, nothing describes passion quite as well as the fanatical fury soccer fans … READ MORE


Nike Bowery Stadium Opening

Last Friday, Nike began a new chapter of its community initiative with the opening of the Bowery Stadium, and jolted the space to life with a little 2010 FIFA World Cup related fanfare. The new space in New York City, in all its black and yellow Brazilian … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 5/17/2010 – 5/21/2010

Since the weather has been getting more stable, and sunshine becomes a more consistent presence in our lives, everyone’s coming out to play. Also, as the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be kicking off extremely soon, the sportswear giants have been gearing up for this year’s biggest … READ MORE


Nike Stadium Paris Magazine

Nike Stadium is not just a multi-purpose destination anymore– it is not just a physical space for events, lab for inspired expressions nor stage for passionate performers– now, it is a publisher as well. Nike Stadium Paris has just launched the Nike Stadium Paris Magazine, featuring everything … READ MORE