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Nikon 1 S1 Digital Camera

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the linage of our cameras, especially when there’s one attached to every phone and with add-on filters overflowing from the app stores. But the birth of the modern DSLR and the lenses that now bring so much to personal photography can be … READ MORE


Photojojo – DSLR Filter Wheel for Analogue Style Photography

If you’re looking to add even more color to your life and more lenses to your at-home arsenal, you may want to check out this new DSLR Filter Wheel brought to you by Photojojo. All you do is mount the lens to your DSLR body and snap … READ MORE


Nikon D800 HD-SLR Digital Camera | 36.3 Megapixel FX-Format Goodness From Nikon

A friendly advice to the executives at Canon, now would be the perfect time to launch the Canon EOS 5D Mark III… On its way to gain digital imaging supremacy, Nikon has been on a warpath since the introduction of its V1 and J1 mirror less cameras … READ MORE


Nikon 4D Digital SLR – Ethernet Cable Tethered Function | Video

Legions of professional photographers still swear by the reliability their Canon EOS. Though its closest competitor, Nikon, been gnawing away those allegiances the last few years with innovative functions. Features like dual slots for Compact Flash media in case of “overshooting” the maximum image capacity to the … READ MORE


Nikon D4 – “Why Athletes?” | HD Movie

Unfortunately sometimes, it isn’t about the better design or the most suitable function, but the simple fact of which was available first. This is especially true in the aspect of High Definition video production and digital SLR camera. Since the 2008 introduction of its 5D Mark II, … READ MORE


Nikon D4 | New Flagship Professional DSLR Camera From Nikon

The trifecta of disasters which hammered the northeastern part of Japan last March not only slowed numerous hi-tech product outputs to a crawl. It effectively postponed a battle between two titans – Canon and Nikon. Now with contingency plans in place and production pace at full speed, … READ MORE


Glow Graffiti – Light Paint Can | “Vandalize Your Long Exposures!”

In need to spice up those dull family and friends photos this holiday season? Tap into your inner Richard Avedon (or Cope2) with Glow Graffiti Light Paint Can. A brilliant LED light conveniently packaged in a spray paint can, you can now tag anything, or for that … READ MORE


Nikon 1 J1 – Mirrorless Digital Camera With Interchangeable Lenses System For Consumers

The last few hold outs are finally making their moves into the so-called small sensor mirror-less camera market. During a glitzy presentation in New York yesterday, Nikon introduced its Nikon 1, a 2-camera solution for pro-sumers looking to be more hands-on in the creative process yet without … READ MORE


Apple iPhone SLR Lens Mount – Adapter For Canon + Nikon SLR Lenses | Available Now

Last time we visited Photojojo, the online shop was still offering its 8X Zoom Telephoto Lens for Apple iPhone. Fast forward to now as it introduce its new Apple iPhone SLR Lens Mount. A kit with a set of heavy duty aluminum casing (for your iPhone 4), … READ MORE


Nikon D5R Digital SLR Camera Concept | By Ned Mulka

Practitioners of professional photography know they are slaves to their bulky digital SLR camera. To capture the right shot at key moments, some would even don on a second camera. But all will be distant memories if camera makers take up industrial design student Ned Mulka‘s concept, … READ MORE


2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami – Current Status Of Japanese Photo Industry

As the crisis in Japan deepens, it is thanks to journalists and photographers like Kazuhiro Nogi to convey the magnitude of destruction and human sufferings to the rest of the world. However, the very tools these committed professionals use daily might be affected by the 9.0 earthquake … READ MORE