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Coolpix P7000 4

Nikon – Coolpix P7000

The gap between snap and shoot cameras and professional DSLR cameras are becoming narrower as many camera brands introduce products that full fill this new niche market. With the digital format it has become increasingly easier to practice and cameras are reducing in price making them more … READ MORE


Lomography – Diana F+ SLR Adaptor | Canon + Nikon SLR Camera

No need to juggle around multiple cameras during photo outings, Lomography just announced the introduction of   Diana F+ SLR Adaptor.   Now everyone with either a Canon or a Nikon SLR could enjoy the wide range of Lomography Diana Lens.   Have the flexibility to experiment … READ MORE


Nikon – Coolpix S1000PJ

Just few days ago, leading camera manufacturer Nikon announced its world first compact digital camera with ultra-compact built in projector. A variety of slideshow effects are provided in the system that will enhance the viewing of the projector and allow for instant viewing of the images in … READ MORE