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2012 GT-R

Nissan 2012 GT-R – Leaked Photos

The year 2012 is just around the corner,  and just as some would expect the world to end, others will keep going as if nothing is going to happen. Nissan GT-R aka Godzilla will be back for 2012 and the new vehicle has been finally revealed thanks … READ MORE


Shell – Invisible Nissan 370Z Commercial | Video

When Shell wanted to showcase the qualities of their Helix oil, the commissioned advertising agency JWT realized a commercial that has not been done before. With the help of Asylum Models and Effects, Nissan 370Z was turned into an invisible car modeled out of perspex. You would … READ MORE

GT-R P800 5

Switzer – Nissan GT-R P800

In a perfect world, we should all we be able to own a fast sports cars. Well unfortunately the world is not so perfect and sports cars are not as affordable, let alone super cars. To make it interesting Switzer have decided to take the latest Nissan … READ MORE


Nissan – 2011 GT-R US Spec

The details of the 2011 Nissan GT-R US Spec has been released suggesting that this year there will only be one model offered which is GT-R Premium priced at $84,060, a little more expensive compared to the 2010 base model. Of course there will be some optional … READ MORE


TommyKaira – Nissan GT-R

Japanese tuning house TommyKaira have launched their latest complete modification of the cult car Nissan GT-R. There are two front bumper to choose from constructed out of wet carbon material with the rest of the body kit consisting of front grille cover lip, lip spoiler, under body … READ MORE


Nissan – Urge Concept

It looks like Nissan will be reviving the Urge Concept car that debuted in 2006 as it was seen at the recent Detroit Auto Show. Initially this concept car was designed with the aim of contending against the Mazda MX-5, however now that the roadster is discontinued, … READ MORE


Nissan – Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 370Z

Forty years ago, Nissan sold the Fairlady Z in Japan and the racer is later imported into the US as Datsun 240Z, changing the game and look of sportscar in the US. As Nissan celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its iconic Z which had evolved in both … READ MORE


Senner Tuning – Nissan 370Z Whitelady Z

As far as sports cars are concerned from Nissan, there are only few models that have survived the decades and one of them is the 370Z, although the numbers have changed various times the Z has been around since the 80’s when motorsport was ripe without the … READ MORE


Avus Performance – Nissan G-TR

If the Nissan G-TR wasn’t a menacing vehicle already take a look at what Avus Performance have done to give it an even aggressive look that totally works. They started with a standard 2009 Nissan G-TR Black Edition and turned the exterior into a bat-mobile like matte … READ MORE


Nismo – 2010 Nissan 370Z

The 2010 Nissan 370Z may or may not be on top of the wanted list of cars but this Nismo version could win you over with added extras that improves on the standard version. Nismo is the motorsport division of Nissan and develops for all sorts of … READ MORE


Evo Magazine – Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R Video

What is the difference between ordinary cars and super cars? The Bugatti Veyron can answer that question with this head to head drag race against Nissan GT-R. It is not fair to call GT-R an ordinary car but against a super car like Veyron, it stands no … READ MORE