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Nitraid – Dope Forest M-65 Field Jacket

The M-1965, more affectionately known as the M-65 jacket, was born in 1965 and served the American soldiers well during the Vietnam War, keeping them warm during the monsoon season. Who would have guessed that this classic military outerwear would cause a phenomenon in the streetwear and … READ MORE


Nitraid – Dope Forest Luggage

Aside from designing garments seasonally, Japanese streetwear brand Nitraid puts effort in creation of lifestyle products infused with their signature style. Amongst various products launched this Fall/Winter 2012 season, this Dope Forest Luggage is by far the most unlikely candidate. Being that several of the key founding … READ MORE


Nitraid – Reflective Denim Jacket + Jeans

At times, the reflective treatment on everyday garments might seem like a gimmick, it can be a valid safety feature for cyclists, skateboarders, or street artists, who might be overlooked on dark streets. Nitraid has optimized a reflective ink that prints directly onto the surface of these … READ MORE


Nitraid x 7STARS DESIGN – T-Shirt Collection

7STARS DESIGN is a creative powerhouse in the Tokyo streetwear scene who has worked with countless heavyweight brands and musicians in Tokyo and around the world. Nitraid contacted 7STARS DESIGN to complete the cover artwork for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection catalogue, showing their famous arch logo up … READ MORE


Nitraid x Leader Bike – 735TR Dope Forest Fixed Gear Bicycle

Japanese streetwear brand Nitraid is teaming up with San Diego’s Leader Bike for an unusual complete fixed gear bicycle. Rather than opting to paint the aluminum frame, Nitraid reached out to the skillful AFG MOTO, a Japanese graphic wrapping company, seamlessly wrapping the aerodynamic 735TR frame in … READ MORE


Nitraid – Dope Forest Surf Shorts

In some parts of the world, the temperature has risen high enough to go swimming in the beach or the pool. Nitraid is dropping the latest version of their classic Surf Shorts, just in time to hit the waves or relax by the poolside. These shorts are … READ MORE


Nitraid – Tokyo Aloha Series

Nitraid is a streetwear brand that represents Tokyo to the fullest, and their latest Tokyo Aloha Series brings together elements of Tokyo with traditional Hawaiian garment styles. The custom designed pattern highlights the monumental scenery of Tokyo in circular collage design. Both the shirt and shorts are … READ MORE

ritraid - dope forest mesh tote bag - 1

Nitraid – Dope Forest Mesh Tote Bag

Nitraid‘s product line and the colorways they choose to outfit them with is a major part of what makes this Tokyo-based brand one of the most famous in the streetwear game. One of their most common design choices includes a not-so-subtle nod toward the sticky green, that … READ MORE


Nitraid x New Era – Tokyo 59FIFTY Caps

Representing the street lifestyle of Tokyo, Nitraid have made some interesting color selection for their latest line of fitted caps. Offered in Wheat, Olive, Orange, and Lime Green color ways, a contrasting black visor, embroidery, and top button details these items. Using the New Era 59FIFTY caps … READ MORE


Nitraid – Dope Forest Full Print Polo Shirt

When René Lacoste designed the white polo shirt for playing tennis, he would have never imagined that a marijuana print would adorn his creation. It goes to show that evolution is unpredictable, and Nitraid never intended tennis players to wear these Dope Forest Full Print Polo Shirts. … READ MORE


Nitraid – Dope Forest Skateboard Deck

It may not be apparent that Japanese streetwear brand Nitraid also has a side division dedicated to skateboarding, aptly named Nitraid SB. Therefore, each season, they create some new skateboard deck that works in line with both labels. For this season it features the current Dope Forest … READ MORE