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Nitraid – Budskull T-Shirt

A few days ago we brought two new bags from┬áNitraid decorated with their popular Dope Forest pattern and now Tokyo’s edgy streetwear brand is offering up another tongue-in-cheek piece in honor of Mary Jane with the Budskull T-Shirt. The large printed skull motif is relatively straightforward from … READ MORE


Nitraid – Dope Forest Bag Collection

Apart from their garments, Tokyo based streetwear brand Nitraid is famous for their wide range of accessories and goods. These two new bags are decorated with the seasonal Dope Forest pattern, paying tribute to the sticky green in a not so subtle way. Durable Teflon treated Cordura … READ MORE


Nitraid – Waterproof Zip Sweat Hoodie

The latest Waterproof Zip Sweat Hoodie from Nitraid is based on their tried and tested hoodie design. Although its key differences can be found on the zipped pockets and double-zip front closure. Rather than using ordinary zippers, all of them have been upgraded to a waterproofed zipper. … READ MORE


Nitraid – Hydro Spec 6 Hoodie

Nitraid is releasing the Hydro Spec 6 Hoodie in five colorways – beige, black, orange, olive, and lawn. The lightweight parka is made with an exterior shell from Japanese technical material manufacturer Breathatec. BWater resistance and breathability is maximized on the 3 layer material, along with the … READ MORE


Nitraid – Hydro Spec M-65 Jacket

The M-65 jacket may possibly be the most popular military jacket, redesigned countless times by many designers and labels. Tokyo based streetwear brand Nitraid is trying their hands at a technical garment based on the M-65 silhouette called the Hydro Spec M-65 Jacket. It features the iconic … READ MORE


Nitraid – Dope Forest Light Track Hoodie

If there was a forest made out of dope, you can bet Cheech and Chong would be making it their permanent home. Better yet, they would be rocking the Dope Forest pieces from Nitraid with pride. The latest items to adorn the sticky green plant are four … READ MORE


Nitraid – Dope Forest Hoodie

A good amount of the graphically detailed apparel from Nitraid as of late has focused on on an electronic theme, so the new Dope Forest hoodie shown here comes as a bit of a departure from the recent trend. The not-so-subtly named hoodie opts for more organic … READ MORE


Nitraid – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection | Preview

Tokyo-based streetwear giant Nitraid is seeing green this season, as evident by the images from their Spring/Summer 2012 collection lookbook. Nitraid fans will already know that the company prepares a special camouflage design each season, and this season’s original pattern is entitled Dope Forest. An ample amount … READ MORE


Nitraid – Nitraid Circuit Raglan Hoodie

We reported on the Nitraid Circuit Hooded Down Jacket a few days ago, and now Nitraid is launching a raglan hoodie, featuring the Nitraid Circuit pattern on it. This complex all-over print pattern was created specially for this season, showing influence from the blockbuster movie, Tron. Two … READ MORE


Nitraid – Nitraid Circuit Hooded Down Jacket

Each season, Nitraid embarks on a mission to design an original camouflage graphic that will become a pivotal design source for the collection. This season, however, they have deviated from the concept slightly. Rather than creating a camouflage pattern, the design team came up with a Tron-inspired … READ MORE


Nitraid – Pea Coat

Despite all of the modern tech jackets available on the market, the navy pea coat is a classic design that never seems to phase out. Its functional design is key to its popularity, and this is Nitraid‘s take on the military favorite. A traditional silhouette is retained … READ MORE