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Nitraid – Solid Track Hoodie

A well crafted piece have dropped from Nitraid and this is a solid version of the Track Hoodie set up that has been introduced for the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. All black exterior is accented by a multi colored zip made by riri from Switzerland. Using the key … READ MORE


Nitraid – Bonding Sweat Full Zip Hoodie

In this collection Nitraid is also pushing more technical apparel that marries aesthetics and functionality. This Bonding Sweat Full Zip Hoodie is a good example of that as it takes the classic zipped hoodie and adds current technology. Using an original bonding sweat textile through out the … READ MORE


Nitraid – Real City Camo Neck Tie

With the introduction of Spring/Summer 2010 collection from Nitraid, we took a peek of the entry into a more dressy attire that had never been seen from the brand before. Complimenting this new wider range from Nitraid is the traditional neck tie that was given a touch … READ MORE


Nitraid – Hydro Spec 4 Hoodie

The latest from Nitraid is the Hydro Spec 4 Hoodie that is not just an ordinary mountain parka. On the exterior is the black material that is accented by gray Nitraid arch logo and zip tape on all of the zips. This piece is constructed by a … READ MORE


Nitraid – Jersey Tailored Jacket

Nitraid have started to explore into a more mature styles of late and this Jersey Tailored Jacket is a sign of things to come in the future. Even though this jacket is a tailored piece, it still maintains a lot of elements that can be appreciated by … READ MORE


Nitraid – Loopwheel Sweat Full Zip Hoodie

Nitraid have taken their full zip hoodie a step futher with a special fabric made with loopwheel machine for extra softness and comfort. This piece is a rather simple piece from Nitraid that takes influence from traditional hoodie specifications with black body embellished with white college style … READ MORE


Nitraid – Light Weight Hoodie

With the warmer transition seasons just around the corner Nitraid have released the Light Weight Hoodie to facilitate this period. Constructed with 100% polyester fabrics on the exterior and inner to provide a good water resistance against light showers. Taking an authentic windbreaker silhouette with little embellishments … READ MORE


Nitraid – Real City Camo Full Zip Sweat Set Up Hoodie

The Real City Camo is the new camouflage pattern from Nitraid and it is already gaining attention with its intricate detailed print that is a view of Tokyo from birds eye view. What makes this pattern interesting is that as the print is laid over a massive … READ MORE


Nitraid x FUTURA – FUTURA RSC Jungle Hat

Real Stoned Camo (RSC) is the staple camo pattern that was developed by Nitraid few seasons ago and to add fuel to fire, they have gotten FUTURA to drop his signature atomic design on top of it and FUTURA RSC pattern was born. Jungle Hat or bucket … READ MORE


Nitraid x FUTURA x New Era – Real Stoned Camo Cap

The Real Stoned Camo or R.S. Camo for short is the newest camouflage pattern created by Nitraid and it has been used extensively through out the last few seasons. Refreshing up this popular R.S. Camo pattern was the addition of   FUTURA s atomic graphics over layed … READ MORE


Nitraid – Gold and Silver USB Sticks

USBs have come a long way with it becoming more of an accessory now a days rather than a simple gadget for storage of files and photos. Nitraid have added their special touch to the mundane USB stick with a capacity of considerable 1GB. Available in chrome … READ MORE