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Nixon – The Unit A197 Surplus

Characterized by its molded polycarbonate body, the Unit model from Nixon initially launched as a brightly colored collection. However, for the Fall/Winter season, The Unit A197 Surplus takes on a militant approach by using camouflage inspired black/olive colorway. Basic functions remain the same, with split digital display … READ MORE


Nixon – The 51-30 Chrono Tortoise

The latest watch to drop from the Nixon Fall 2011 collection is a new version of their flagship model. The 51-30 watch is redesigned to create a mature aesthetic by addition of tortoise materials. Matte black exterior provides a stealth style and gloss black numbering on the … READ MORE


Nixon – The Rubber 51-30 Watch

The 51-30 is the largest watch from Nixon.  It is also one of the top sellers in brand’s product range.  While Nixon has done minor tweaks to the model before, the rubberized 51-30 is a completely new design. Utilized silicone rubber on its exterior, the application instantly … READ MORE


Nixon – The Synapse

In the year 2150, mankind will use their watch not just for the purpose of tracking time. The most gimmickry of all accessories will serve a multitude of functions, from bio-sign monitoring, personal communication, and of course the coolest purpose of them all – a beacon for … READ MORE


Nixon – Milk Collection | With Chromacoat

The Chromacoat formulation from Nixon is unlike most finishes out in the market today, especially those on accessories like timepiece. While manufacturers have forged protective coatings to abide the luster of their watches, Nixon’s Chromacoat actually ages them. Like a well worn denim, the Chromacoat will begin … READ MORE


Nixon 51-30 Chrono Black/Green

Boasting the largest face in the Nixon range, the 51-30 Chrono is a top selling model that never gets old. Its timeless design can be attributed for its popularity and the jet black exterior is understated yet tough. Subtle olive green detail on the dial and hands … READ MORE


Beastie Boys x Nixon Time Teller P Watch

By far the “zaniest” product to coincide with the release Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, the long awaited album from Beastie Boys, was this ostentatious watch series with Nixon. Strictly pretentious, the watch boasts an image of Mike D and a bottle of Chivas on its dial … READ MORE


Nixon – The Unit | Available Now

No, these timepieces are not named after the short-lived television series about U.S. Special Forces, though their rugged design makes them quite suitable for some covert operations of your own. The Unit by Nixon takes on their sometime overly expensive counterparts with an affable arrangement to your … READ MORE

The Unit

Nixon – The Unit

Nixon made its name in the lifestyle watch industry by offering highly designed time pieces, mostly made in metal and plastic materials. However, on their latest design, The Unit, Nixon opted for polycarbonate cases with silicone wrist bands. The result, an original aesthetic similar to diver’s watches. … READ MORE

The 42-20 Chrono

Nixon – The 42-20 Chrono

Whether you want to be “blinged up” or “go stealth”, the 42-20 Chrono timepiece line from Nixon caters to both audiences. For the former, the Gold or Pink Gold colorways will put a shine on your wrist without doing damages to your wallet. And for those who … READ MORE


Nixon – Chromacoat Seafoam Series | Available Now

Nixon developed the Chromacoat technology, an application as IP plating on stainless steel. The pioneering method permits that over time of usage, the original coating will chip away from natural wear and tear.  Thus, giving a new face to the timepiece by revealing the stainless steel underneath. … READ MORE